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Why I Go to Church Without My Husband

Nearly every Sunday, I line my little ones up for a quick picture before we go into church. It’s just a fun thing I do because I like looking back at the photos as they change over time. I often share them on Facebook or Instagram, and it never fails, every few weeks someone comments or messages me asking, “HOW do you do it?!” The “it” being get 5 kids dressed up and to church weekly. Well, I just do. The same way some moms get 1, 2, or 6 kids up, dressed, and out the door to school every day. It’s important, so we do it, even if it’s not easy.
Over the years, there have been many, many Sundays when I have carried a baby on my hip and/or held the hands of little ones as we crossed a parking lot, found classrooms, and made our way to seats at church. Unfortunately, a larger number than I care to count of those trips were done alone, without my husband beside me, especially over the last couple of years. Neither of us have enjoyed this situation, but it is what it is. My husband doesn’t like missing church, and I don’t like going alone. He’s also super helpful when it comes to getting kids ready and out the door. However, his job complicates things, and he can’t always go to church with us. Currently, he’s only able to go every other week. The other weeks, I’m on my own. He’ll help me get them out the door if he’s still at home, but I can’t get up counting on his help because if he gets a call and has to go, I’m left scrambling and unprepared. Been there. Done that.


When I show up with our crew, I usually get surprised looks and comments like, “Wow! Supermom!” I usually smile and laugh, but if little ears weren’t listening I’d tell those onlookers, “No. Exhausted mom.” Because by that point, I am.

I’ve dressed and fed them, combed hair, made ponytails, helped with requests for cologne or “smell goods,” changed diapers, refilled sippy cups, found lost shoes, herded kids to the car, buckled seat belts, taken a kid back inside to potty, retrieved dropped hair bows and blankets, driven nearly an hour, gone over our plan and expectations, found lost shoes again, found lost hair bows again, unloaded our van, and herded them across a busy parking lot. At that point it’s only about 2/3 over. Before I get to sit down, we will make our way through a crowded building to the bathroom, help 2 go potty, wash hands, stop at the water fountain, make our way back through the crowd to check everyone in, then drop kids off on three different halls in 2 different buildings. Sometimes Most of the time I’m sweating by the time they’re safely in their classrooms. I probably don’t even look like the same woman that walked in the door with them. 🙂

I don’t say this to brag. At all. I say all that to tell you, it’s not easy. Most of the time I wouldn’t call it hard necessarily (unless you’ve been up all night with a baby and you’re running on 3 hours of broken sleep. Then it’s hard. Very hard.), but it is work – a lot of work. It does require planning, energy, and dedication. I don’t have it all together. When we leave our house on Sunday mornings, more often than not it looks like someone broke in and ransacked the place. Not to mention, the pictures should speak for themselves. They certainly are not frame worthy every week.

But it’s worth it. Very worth it. Even on the Sundays when things have gone terribly, terribly wrong, there has always been that one part in the sermon, or one comment from a friend or stranger, or that moment of Peace during a favorite song that reminded me why I did it that morning and encouraged me to keep going. I’ve learned that God gives strength to the weak and rest to the weary. I’ve learned that people you have no idea exist (because you’re busy counting heads and rushing to the potty) are watching you and the example you set, good or bad. The few weeks I have stayed home and deemed it to be too much work, I have always regretted my decision.

Mamas, take your babies to church, even when it means going without your husband. I believe those may be even more important Sundays because the effort you put in shows your children that even when it’s not easy, and it is exhausting, it’s worth it. It’s important to go and worship with other believers. It’s important to join with a church family and learn and serve together. Church isn’t just something we do when it’s convenient or easy. It’s part of life, and life is messy.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another – and all the more as you see the day approaching.” Heb. 10:24-25

It’s worth it.


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A Reason for Homeschooling

We’re going into our third year of homeschooling at our house! Wow. That’s so crazy to think about. I read once that most people give up on homeschooling in the first three years, so that has been my goal – 3 years. Do it three years, and if then it isn’t a fit for our family, we can try something different. Well here we are, entering year 3, and I’m not thinking about quitting anytime soon.

I don’t think I was ever asked my reasoning for choosing to homeschool until this year. Then out of nowhere I was being asked over and over, “Why do you homeschool?”

There are several reasons our family homeschools, but I’d like to share just a few of them with you today. Hopefully I can provide a little encouragement to someone that is on the fence about it or is having a rough day. If you’re 6 weeks in (or 6 days or 6 years), and wondering, “What on earth have I gotten myself into?” take heart. Breathe deep, and remember that His mercies are new each morning. Is it all roses and fingerpainting? Nope. Some days there are tears all around. Some days are exhausting and overflowing with to dos, as there just aren’t enough hours in each day. Some days my husband comes home and I go hide in my room to cry because I’m certain I’ve failed terribly and I need to repent to God and my children.

If you’re on the verge of submitting that intent to homeschool form, but are scared to death, say a prayer, take a deep breath, and go with the Lord’s leading. I always tell new homeschool moms, “Find your why and write it down. Go back and read it as a reminder on the hard days.”

So why do it?

Some days ARE all roses and finger painting – on the front porch, with school books and cups of lemonade scattered around. In winter, some days are books read aloud, all of us curled in a pile in front of our fireplace with little ones on top of me and bigger ones next to me, sketch pads and Lego blocks strewn about. They also get to explore their own interests. Today we’ve had lessons in sewing, and my crew is currently working to plant their own winter garden.


Family time. My husband’s job is demanding. It’s not uncommon for him to walk in the door, just to turn around and leave again 3 minutes later, or 30 minutes later just as I’m setting plates of food on the table, only for him to return long after the kids are in bed. When he’s off work, we soak it up. When he has a Friday off, we have a family day. There’s no rush to get everyone up and out the door. We can run errands as a family or just hang out at the house. When my husband works on Saturdays, we take that time to work ahead in preparation for the days he is off.


Relationships. Watching my 6 year old son teach his 3 year old sister how to fold laundry. Or all four big kids having piggy back races through the house. Just this morning Ihad a conversation with my older boys about my number one job being to teach them to love God and love others. If they can recite the entire Declaration of Independence or multiply 5 digit numbers in their heads, it means nothing if they don’t love God or each other.

Because I was called. My number one reason. This is what keeps me going on those hard days. Even when I start to daydream about handing the teaching over to the local school district, I know in my heart I would be disobeying God. That is not His Will for our family. Does that mean we will homeschool forever? I have no idea. God’s plan for our family may look different in several years, or it may look much the same. But for now, this is my calling, my family’s calling, and we are thankful for the opportunity to  make it happen and the blessings it brings with it.



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5 Tips for Moms Who Want a Morning Bible Time

I often hear moms say that when they get up early to have quiet time for reading the bible, all the kids wake up earlier. I’d like to encourage you to KEEP DOING IT, even when it seems like a waste of time. It’s not. If nothing else, you are showing your kids how important it is to be in God’s Word everyday. Satan will use anything and everything to distract and discourage us. Mine go through seasons of this too, and at first I thought it was just going to be a total fail. It hasn’t been though!

I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to hopefully get you started in the right direction with carving out your own quiet time in your schedule and will maintaining peace in your home.

(This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through these links will not change the cost, but will benefit my family and help to keep this blog going.)
1. Teach them to stay in their room until a certain time.
Even as early as 3/4 some can learn “Stay in your room until there is a 7 right here on the clock.”  There are also special toddler clocks that you can set to change colors when it is time to get up or go to bed. (Like this Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock and the Teach Me Time! Talking Clock)
2. Readers can bring their own bible or pick another book to read in their bed, or possibly sit and read in the same room as you.
I love when my oldest brings his bible to sit beside me and read. A few years ago we got him a NIRV translation, and it has turned out to be great for him. It is the NIV translation, but on a second or third grade level, so it’s not a story bible, but it is also easy to read. (This NIRV study bible looks really neat, too.)
3. Read to them.
They probably won’t sit still or even act like they are listening, but they are still hearing God’s Word! Those little seeds are being planted! (Also, If you want to read at naptime, go in their room and sit and read aloud until they fall asleep. This worked wonders when my boys were both toddlers and naptime became a nightmare. Now with my girls, if they get in trouble at naptime, I separate them, and I read aloud to whichever one is in the living room floor.)
4. Prepare cups/sippy cups the night before and set them in the fridge so they can help themselves when they get up.
This has been a big help for me. Some days I am not quite finished when my girls get up, so having their cups ready to go allows me to give them a little independence and me a few more minutes to finish up whatever I am reading.
5. PRAY. PRAY to wake up earlier. PRAY they sleep later. PRAY for wisdom in the best way to handle it for yourself and your children.
Really this should be #1. It sounds simple, and it usually is. It may take a while for your kiddos to catch on and understand that you are serious when you say, “Go back to bed.” Pray for patience and to show them grace. One method may not work. Pray for wisdom. It may require not hitting the snooze button 4 times. Pray for self-control.


So tonight, set your alarm a few minutes earlier and say a quick prayer that you don’t hit the snooze or wake up the kids! These are a few of the things that have worked for me. Did these help you? Did something else work in your house?

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When His Plans for Me Aren’t Just for Me

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ ”  (Jeremiah 29:11)

This morning I read about a mother who said she wished she had known her son would grow up to be an archaeologist and earn his living digging in the dirt because she would have wasted less time removing the stains from his jeans. It made me laugh. My oldest said for a long time he would be an archaeologist, and believe me, his jeans showed the hours he spent practicing. 🙂

Her comment got me thinking about those situations in my own life, when it would have been helpful to whisper a little advice to myself or give myself a glimpse of the bigger picture – what God was really doing in that time. The first that came to mind was the years my husband spent on the road. It came in waves – easy weeks that we both spent doing things we loved but still missing one another, the few weeks and days we spent together in new places, weeks that left us in tears, trials we both dealt with that the other couldn’t understand, trials that beat us against the rocks and left us with nothing to do but pray and cling to one another and God to keep from drowning. Then it would start all over again with easier goodbyes and easy weeks that flew by before a storm would blow in (sometimes literally), sending us crashing back into the sea of emotional exhaustion, hurts and sadness. As I look back on those earlier years, I am thankful for them. All of them. Not for the storms we walked through, but for what God used them for.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20)

The strength He poured into our marriage. (I promise you, Satan tried and tried to use that time and those trials to tear another marriage down.)
My relationship with Him.
Our faith in His provisions.
The times my eyes were opened to the answers of prayers – even when the answer wasn’t yes.
All of that gave me the empathy, little bits of wisdom, and ability to talk to and encourage other wives and mothers that are in similar situations with questions, worry, and fear.
I’m realizing more and more lately how big that last one really is. I will not forget what He has done for us. However, I often forget that it shouldn’t be a secret I keep for myself.

A few months ago in an online group for linewives, a woman asked if there were any happily married wives whose marriages had survived the stress and time apart required by the job. I was happy when many, many ladies replied with a big “YES!” but saddened that it took someone asking for us to speak up. For one reason or another, we all seemed to have forgotten to share the wonderful things God had done in our lives and marriages by allowing us to walk this path. I think that applies to all our lives though. We often get so caught up in what is happening to us and around us, we forget it really isn’t about us at all. It’s not just my story He created. it’s HIS story. When God saved Joseph from his brothers’ terrible plans, it wasn’t just to save Joseph. It was to save many lives. When He saves us and brings us to the other side of our trials, even in the midst of those, his intentions are the same: to save many lives for eternity.

“Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.” Psalm 66:16

I pray that as storms roll through my life, I will not only see His goodness in them, but also remember to share it.

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“I wish I could homeschool, but…”

“I wish I could homeschool, but…” Over the last few months, I seem to have heard this phrase more and more often. Mothers, wishing to have the opportunity to teach their children themselves instead of handing a job, that God has placed on their hearts as their own, over to someone else. Fathers, wishing to be more involved in their children’s education and the opportunity to teach life skills and work ethic.

The thing that strikes me though, is that what follows the “but” is rarely related to finances, time, work schedules, etc. More often than not, it is followed by statements such as, “I just don’t have the patience for it, ” “I just couldn’t do it,” or “My kids would make me crazy.”

Let me tell you something: homeschooling parents all over the world, have those same thoughts. Often. I do not feel as if I have exceptional spiritual gifts that make me a good fit for homeschooling. Rather, homeschooling reminds me of my weaknesses by bringing them front and center, refines me, and points me to the Creator on a daily basis. I have learned the importance of not only asking my Heavenly Father for forgiveness, but also my children. I have learned, and am still learning, to grant them the same complete forgiveness and clean slate that He offers me. God did not grant me with an uncommon ability to be patient at birth. (However, He has used homeschooling to grow me in that area!) I have 4 kids, ages 5 years old and younger, and am expecting our 5th this Winter. I assure you, there are plenty of days my kids make me crazy, and there are plenty more days when I make them crazy. Daily, God uses our time together to teach us all about what it means to live in unity.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! {Psalm 133:1}
Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. {Ephesians 4:3}

image2I also am taught almost daily about turning to the Father for my strength. If I do not go to Him, homeschooling is too much for me. It is hard. There has been, and will be again, frustration, doubt, exhaustion, and tears.

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. {Psalm 55:22}

But when I hand it over to Him, I am reminded that this isn’t just a task I woke up one day deciding I wanted to try for the fun of it. God laid it on my heart several years ago to educate my children at home, and after the rain comes a rainbow. A reminder of his promise to see my family through the journey we have been called to. It is not unusual for me to struggle, have hard days, and be utterly exhausted emotionally, and then have a day of rest – a day when a concept finally clicks for one of my kids, a day when we enjoy each others’ company and spend time learning as we run errands or reading lots of stories, on the grass under a tree.

Now, I must say, I do not believe God calls every single parent in the world to homeschool. Some He does. Some He doesn’t. Some, He calls to homeschool only for a season. It breaks my heart though, to see families that have the desire and God’s blessing, but still allow their doubt of their own abilities, or their spouse’s abilities, (and in turn God’s abilities) to keep them from seeking out a way to educate their children at home.

If God has laid the task on your heart, be encouraged, He will also give you the strength and everything else you need to follow his directions.

If that is you, struggling with the calling, but lacking the confidence, or even desire, know that I am praying for you this morning. Praying that you would put your trust in Him, be encouraged, and that you would search out Godly advice and fellowship on this important decision.

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For the Mamas Who Don’t Get a Break on Mother’s Day

Mothers everywhere are waking up this morning to flowers, fresh coffee and breakfast in bed, snuggles from sweet sleepy-faced little ones, and promises from daddies that they will dress the kids for church.

Except you.


You woke up to a kid vomiting down the hall and across the bathroom at 4 a.m.
Or maybe you woke up to find a toddler who peed through her pull-up
– in your bed.
Instead of flowers, you’re starting the day with a cleaning rag in your hand and tears just below the surface.

Hold on, sweet mama. Close your eyes and whisper a prayer.
You are not alone.

Mothers all over are waking up with the same feelings you are. They have sick kids, work responsibilities, absent husbands, or no husbands at all. Do not let Satan fool you into believing the lie that you are alone in your hurt and exhaustion. How do I know? My husband has worked at least a few hours of every single Mother’s Day since I was pregnant with our oldest child. Some years he was absent all together, out on the road somewhere, working to provide for our family. This year, he’s on call and I doubt we will make it through the day without him having to leave a few times at least. his phone just rang. See, I told you that you weren’t alone. 😀

I wish someone had told me some of those years that I was doing a great job, that doing the mama thing on Mother’s Day is hard, but it is pleasing to the Lord; that it makes my husband love and appreciate me even more. I wish someone had shown me the things it teaches my children, so I’m telling you.

Mamas that won’t get a “break” today – you are a beautiful mother worth celebrating. The work you do today is the Lord’s work. You are not alone. There are lots of other moms just like you – probably even sitting in the next row at church this morning. Even if he doesn’t say it or isn’t there to see it, your husband knows what you are doing today. He appreciates it and is amazed by it. Your children see it too. They know their mama loves them, and even if they are too small to say it or do it themselves, they want to do sweet things for you and with you.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
{1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

This is Mother’s Day. It’s not just a day to celebrate mothers, but to celebrate being a mother. It may not feel like it, but you moms that push through the day, doing all the things you did yesterday and will do again tomorrow, are giving your children a wonderful view of motherhood through the lens of God’s love. Being a mother means loving, giving, serving, and sacrificing. What better way is there to celebrate being a mother than by loving, giving, serving, sacrificing, and teaching your children?

Today may not be easy, or relaxing, or even fun, but having those children is still something to celebrate.
Serve up frozen waffles and bananas on paper plates or go by a drivep-thru on the way to church for a fun breakfast.
Take those babies out to eat by yourself.

Just because today is work does not mean you aren’t celebrating. Serving your family is worshiping the Lord. Worshiping the Lord is celebrating Him.

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Mamas, we are not enough.

People often ask me how I do it all – keeping up with 4 little kids, a husband that works a lot of random overtime and weekends, homeschooling, the house…

Here’s my secret: I don’t. I’m not enough.

This is what my living room looks like this morning.


Toys scattered, folding chairs and tissue paper leftover from a birthday party (on Saturday, ahem), and a couple of in-progress projects for my husband stashed against the walls.

Does it always look like that? No. Sometimes it’s worse. Sometimes it’s totally clean, and a nice space to relax in. I prefer the latter, but life happens. Ya know – one broke down vehicle, a sick dog, two sick kids… There may or may not be a “note” in my phone where I made a list of what everyone wanted for breakfast on Monday. At Sonic. Life is messy.

Here’s the other part of my not-so-secret secret: God doesn’t expect me to do it all, every day.

He expects me to follow after Him and serve others wholeheartedly. If that means we get school lessons done, everything checked off the to do list, and supper on the table at 5 – great! If we work hard, but have to slow down school to accommodate a little boy not feeling well, and I get less cleaning done because I have to take the time to teach littles to pick up after themselves – that’s great too.

Mama, if you’re exhausted from being up all night with a newborn or sick babies and need to sit a bit longer reading your bible and drinking another cup of coffee before going head first into that busy day – that’s great too. That is not time wasted. God created our bodies and spirits to need rest.

Sometimes we (Read: I) take the “One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys,” part (Proverbs 18:9) way too far and feel like a failure when it doesn’t all get done, despite my best efforts. Laziness certainly doesn’t glorify God, at all. However, God gave us mamas each 24 hours and no third arms. 🙂

He sees you making those extensive to do lists that you know won’t all get done in one day with a toddler at your feet.
He sees you struggling to stay awake through those 2 a.m. feedings.
He sees you staying up late to talk to that teenager with hurt feelings.
He sees you silently cleaning up a mess no one else noticed.
He sees you packing lunches and brewing coffee in the dark of the morning.

He knows how hard we try. He sees our hearts when we realize we should have tried hard.
He also gives us grace.

Give yourself some grace. Put breakfast on paper plates if the kitchen is already a mess. Grab a second, or third, cup of coffee, read your bible, and do your best. Don’t say yes to that extracurricular just because you’re afraid of letting someone down. Apologize to the little one you were short with. Ask for forgiveness, and let His love wipe the slate clean. Love Him, love others, and rest in the knowledge that God loves you. Mamas, we are not enough, but He makes us enough.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12‬:‭9‬ NIV)

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Serve him pt 3: wisdom

This is part 3 of a series I’ve been doing on my one word for 2014, serve, in relation to wives serving their husbands.
Here are part one and part two.


A few weeks ago I chose Proverbs 31:26 as my memory verse.    She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

The next day I was reading in Proverbs chapter 4, and verses 4-9 deal with gaining and cherishing wisdom and understanding and it brought me back to that verse.

Get wisdom, get understanding: do not forget my words or swerve from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Esteem her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you. She will set a garland of grace on your head and present you with a crown of splendor. (Proverbs 4: 4-9)

You know how you can read a passage 100 times and suddenly see it differently? That’s what happened to me today. The word she stood out.
Women are to speak with wisdom and faithful instruction. How important our gaining of wisdom and understanding is to that of our husbands! I read the passage again and repeated Proverbs 31:26 after each verse.

Proverbs 4:6  – Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you.
She spoke with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. (31:26)

Our gaining of wisdom can not only protect us, but also our husbands. It is important, not only for our own benefit, but also that we can be a benefit to others.

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Serve him pt. 2: With your words


At the beginning of the year I mentioned my word for 2014 is serve. This is part two of my Serve him series. It started with Serve him part one: Pray.
We so often think of serving others with our hands, by doing things for them. However, everyday we have the opportunity to serve others with our words, especially our husbands. With your words, you can build your husband up or tear him down, both to him and to others. Today I’m talking about serving him through our words to others.

Choose your words (and your audience) carefully.

We’re all pr0bably familiar with Ephesians 4:29.
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Often the focus is on the first part of the verse though, when the end (…that it may benefit those who listen.) is just as important. When talking about someone, whether good or bad, usually the person being discussed is thought to be the person helped or harmed. That’s not the whole picture though. When you speak of your husband, you have the opportunity to not only build up his reputation but to also set an example for those listening of how Christians view and speak of their spouses. I think women especially have a tendency to unintentionally tear down their husbands to others, under the guise of “venting” usually. This can be a dangerous practice though. The next time you start to vent about your husband to a friend, stop and ask yourself these questions first.

1. Am I complaining or am I seeking counsel on an issue I’m not sure how to handle or resolve?
Complaining isn’t going to do anyone any good. In fact, it will probably only make you feel worse. And the listener isn’t likely to forget the harsh things you say about your husband. Their view of him will always be tainted by that. When I start to complain about something, Philippians 2:14 and 15 come to mind.
Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky. Don’t point out his flaws to others just to complain. How would you feel if you heard he was speaking poorly of you to his friends? Be kind. Don’t boast. Don’t keep records of wrong doings. Remember 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

2. If I am seeking advice, will this person have a worldly view or a biblical view of the issue? And will they be honest with me if it is something I need to fix in myself?
Choose your audience wisely. I’ll say it again. Choose your audience wisely.
You don’t want to receive (and use) poor advice from someone who doesn’t have a biblical view of the issue or marriage. You also don’t want to set a poor example of how other women should treat their husbands. I promise, people are watching you more closely than you think.

3. If they’re a trustworthy Christian friend, and I am seeking advice, how can I word it so that I’m not making my husband out to be the bad guy who never does anything right? Is there an aspect of the issue where I am at fault and need to work on or ask forgiveness for?
Do not be afraid to seek godly counsel and prayer over issues. Just go about it with humility and grace. You’re not perfect. Neither is he. Show grace and kindness to your husband when you speak of him to others. Again, others are watching, and many you would never even suspect are learning from your actions. You’re also more likely to get better advice and resolve the issue quicker if you approach it with humility and realize there’s probably a lesson in it for both of you, maybe even you more so than him. (Ouch. Yes, that happens to me too.)

Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. (Proverbs 31:11-12)

It (love) always protects… (1 Corinthians 13:7)

Serve your husband by protecting him with the words you speak to others. Bring him good, not harm.


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Serving him: Pray {part 1}

I’ve spent the last few weeks studying and thinking on several things. One of those is my one word for 2014, serve.


One of the first things I did was update my daily to do list.

image from instagram

This simple act reminds me of my priorities throughout the day as I check things off my list. While returning those library books is important, it’s not exactly serving my family if I’m the only one that cares and they aren’t due for another week. Getting supper started on time however, is a bit higher up the list. 🙂

Then I started looking at different ways I could serve God, my husband, my children, and others each day.
After filling a few pages in my notebook, I figured it would be good to share some of my thoughts and what I’m learning over here. I’ll start with sharing some ideas about and ways for us wives to serve our husbands. This will be part one of a series.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

The most important way wives can serve their husbands is to pray for them. Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more. Every day. Pray for wisdom. Pray for courage. Pray for patience. Pray for endurance. Pray for strength. Pray for contentment. Pray for whatever the Lord lays on your heart for him. Before going any further, I’d like you to know I’m not perfect at it! I thank God for the man I married pretty much every single day. He’s amazing, and I see daily what a blessing he is to my life. However, I tend to forget that he needs daily prayer for the everyday things he deals with, until something comes up anyway. I actually wrote it on my to do list today to be sure I didn’t let the day slip away without taking my wonderful husband to the Father and at least praying for his safety and for him to be granted wisdom and courage.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18

Between the everyday prayers, do pray for him through the big stuff too. God is more productive with us through prayer than we ever will be on our own. Also, pray for yourself as his wife. Don’t be afraid to ask God to transform you into the wife he needs you to be. What a better way to serve your husband than by allowing God to refine and change your heart? We always have room for growth and refinement. It’s not always fun, but it is well worth it.

If you are looking for a good place to start for a daily prayer for your husband, I really love this infographic from Jennifer over at Loving Life at Home. As soon as we get moved, a copy of it will be displayed on my desk. 🙂


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