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5 Tips for Moms Who Want a Morning Bible Time

I often hear moms say that when they get up early to have quiet time for reading the bible, all the kids wake up earlier. I’d like to encourage you to KEEP DOING IT, even when it seems like a waste of time. It’s not. If nothing else, you are showing your kids how important it is to be in God’s Word everyday. Satan will use anything and everything to distract and discourage us. Mine go through seasons of this too, and at first I thought it was just going to be a total fail. It hasn’t been though!

I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to hopefully get you started in the right direction with carving out your own quiet time in your schedule and will maintaining peace in your home.

(This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through these links will not change the cost, but will benefit my family and help to keep this blog going.)
1. Teach them to stay in their room until a certain time.
Even as early as 3/4 some can learn “Stay in your room until there is a 7 right here on the clock.”  There are also special toddler clocks that you can set to change colors when it is time to get up or go to bed. (Like this Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock and the Teach Me Time! Talking Clock)
2. Readers can bring their own bible or pick another book to read in their bed, or possibly sit and read in the same room as you.
I love when my oldest brings his bible to sit beside me and read. A few years ago we got him a NIRV translation, and it has turned out to be great for him. It is the NIV translation, but on a second or third grade level, so it’s not a story bible, but it is also easy to read. (This NIRV study bible looks really neat, too.)
3. Read to them.
They probably won’t sit still or even act like they are listening, but they are still hearing God’s Word! Those little seeds are being planted! (Also, If you want to read at naptime, go in their room and sit and read aloud until they fall asleep. This worked wonders when my boys were both toddlers and naptime became a nightmare. Now with my girls, if they get in trouble at naptime, I separate them, and I read aloud to whichever one is in the living room floor.)
4. Prepare cups/sippy cups the night before and set them in the fridge so they can help themselves when they get up.
This has been a big help for me. Some days I am not quite finished when my girls get up, so having their cups ready to go allows me to give them a little independence and me a few more minutes to finish up whatever I am reading.
5. PRAY. PRAY to wake up earlier. PRAY they sleep later. PRAY for wisdom in the best way to handle it for yourself and your children.
Really this should be #1. It sounds simple, and it usually is. It may take a while for your kiddos to catch on and understand that you are serious when you say, “Go back to bed.” Pray for patience and to show them grace. One method may not work. Pray for wisdom. It may require not hitting the snooze button 4 times. Pray for self-control.


So tonight, set your alarm a few minutes earlier and say a quick prayer that you don’t hit the snooze or wake up the kids! These are a few of the things that have worked for me. Did these help you? Did something else work in your house?

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The tragic death of Rosie Roomba

When you entered my life 6 months ago, I was excited, yet uncertain of you. I was sure I didn’t deserve you, but my husband insisted. I half-jokingly nicknamed you Rosie, just like the Jetson’s robot. I had no idea how much I would love you. Immediately, you made yourself right at home in our home, scurrying from one room to the next. We quickly became friends; you were such a great helper – always scooting through our rooms, cleaning our messes and allowing me to focus more time on other things. I am so grateful for all you did.

Then that fateful Tuesday evening arrived. It was a good day, a day like any other. I had busied myself in the kitchen to prepare a meal for my family, as you busied yourself cleaning up our afternoon mess. The children were helping by preparing their own cups of water. You were just going about your business, and she about hers. I promise it was an accident. She meant no harm. A drowning was certainly not on the agenda, but as she approached the table, you were leaving the table and that cup of water went right on your face. I think the world stopped for a few seconds. I tried to save you. I rushed for a towel. You were rushed to the kitchen and rested in dry rice. I even added more rice the next morning. We tried our best. Unfortunately, it was your time to leave us.

So I sadly say goodbye to my dear friend, Rosie the Roomba. You will be greatly missed.



dead roomba

RIP Rosie March 19, 2015 – September 15, 2015



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ALWAYS lock the fridge


Why am I posting a picture of a bottle of mustard? Just hang in there with me for a minute.

A few nights ago, I was needing to make an important, work-related, phone call, and Steven wasn’t there to be on kid duty. I did the normal mommy things: got the boys snacks and drinks, lectured on the importance of being quiet, reminded them I would be down the hall, turned on their favorite cartoon, and quietly slipped into my bedroom. I forgot something on my list though. Something VERY important. About halfway through this phone call, I needed to return to the kitchen to get something, though I’ve now forgotten what. I was definitely not prepared for what I found. That little mustard bottle? It was in the hands of my 2 year old. The contents of that bottle were all over my kitchen and dining area, and laundry room.  I had forgotten to lock the refrigerator! The floor, the table, the chairs, the oven, the cabinets, the dirty clothes, the washing machine, both my sons…oh, and the couch, the carpet, two tote bags, a library book, and the dog – all decorated with spots, splashes, smears and puddles of yellow mustard. What’s a mom to do? I’m not even sure what I should have done. I couldn’t even give him a stern look though. I laughed. I told the woman on the other end of the phone what was going on. Thankfully she laughed with me. I then cleaned it up as I finished the conversation. Ah, you’ve never fully multitasked until you’ve undressed two little boys covered in mustard, cleaned up a ginormous mess, and carried on a business phone call at the same time!

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Catching up…


Well, I apologize for being gone for so long (again). Things have been crazy around here with the arrival of our newest zoo member!

On November 5, Miss Sylvia-Kate arrived into our home! She arrived with a hurricane (literally & figuratively) of drama. She is the sweetest little girl, and the entire family (even her brothers!!) loves her to bits! More on her later. She will get an entire post to herself. 🙂

But in the last week….

  • I discovered Lincoln naked and covered in gray/green eye shadow in my bathroom.
  • Stanton poured half  a container of formula in the floor…twice. Good thing that stuff is cheap! (not)
  • We put our Christmas tree up. Yay!
  • I killed the lights on the tree.
  • Steven fixed the lights – and instructed me to buy a new tree after Christmas.
  • We bought a new (to us) car.
  • My mommy brain has gone to a whole new level. (The level where you wear a bra inside out for an entire day without realizing it and you lay a sweater out on the patio to dry – and leave it there…to be rained on the next day.)
  • Stanton is still trying to potty train himself.
  • The boys emptied a 130+ box of diapers all over their room more times than I care to count.
  • The boys emptied the boxes of baby clothes stored in their closet more times than I care to count.
  • Sylvia-Kate rolled over (tummy to back) for the first time today! She’s only 4 weeks old.
  • I kissed 2,621* (sibling-inflicted) boo-boos.
  • I gave 3,322* hugs.
  • I slept 7* hours.
  • I threatened to put the kids in daycare only once. 🙂




*These numbers may or may not be completely accurate.

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My Little Handyman

Many mornings our adventures begin when the boys get a few moments free from mommy’s supervision while I take a bath. Yes, I know baths take a bit longer than showers, but I have to be able to listen to my rowdies and jump out at a moment’s notice when I hear the sound of one climbing over the baby gate, a fight breaking out, etc. The noise of the shower often drowns out the sounds of their antics. I learned that lesson the hard way.

This morning The boys had been up for a while, were settled with some cereal, and seemingly getting along, so I decided I would let them watch a cartoon while I took a quick shower instead of the usual bath. I turned on Clifford the Big Red Dog , went into the bathroom, locked the door, and hopped in the shower. Don’t worry, nothing got broken or poured out in the floor, and no one escaped from the house.

I took a quick shower, got dressed, and started to brush my teeth. I peeked out the door to check on the boys, and they were still playing in the living room and watching tv. I shut the door back and locked it, hoping to finish brushing my teeth before they got bored. I heard one of them twisting the locked doorknob. Then the lock clicked into the unlock position. The door opened, and there stood my 2 year-old, with this old screwdriver in his hand. “Hi, Mommy.”



Sigh. He is his father’s child.

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I’m super excited; we’re going to see Super Why!

Sunday, July 22 at 3:30 pm our family will be settling into our seats at The Orpheum Theatre Memphis to watch Super Why Live: You’ve Got the Power! Our little zoo members are definitely excited about this. When I told Lincoln, he said, “Super Why!” and ran to me for a high five. He’s obviously a Super Why! fan. It was the first show he actually watched, and it’s still a favorite at our house.  Super Why and the Super Readers have succeeded at making learning fun for my little ones without annoying Mommy at all. Actually, Woofster is my favorite. 🙂

A little about Super WHY from the makers…
“Reading is power and Super WHY is the only preschool property created to help kids learn the fundamentals of reading through interactive storybook adventures.  Produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises in conjunction with DHX Media, the series has a groundbreaking multimedia aesthetic – with a winning combination of two- and three-dimensional animation formats, relatable and engaging characters and immersive environments.  The program represents a novel approach to preschool educational television, featuring a team of superhero characters with literacy-based powers, who jump into books to find answers to everyday preschool challenges.”

Want to join us at the Memphis show? CLICK HERE for ticket information.

Check these upcoming tour dates for a show near you!

Date City Venue
Wednesday, July 18 Monroe, LA Monroe Civic Center – Jack Howard Theater
Friday, July 20 Birmingham, AL BJCC Concert Hall
Saturday, July 21 Knoxville, TN The Tennessee Theatre
Sunday, July 22 Memphis, TN The Orpheum Theatre
Tuesday, July 24 Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium
Wednesday, July 25 N. Charleston, SC North Charleston Performing Arts Center
Friday, July 27 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Saturday, July 28 Tampa, FL Straz Center for the Performing Arts
Sunday, July 29 Miami Beach, FL The Fillmore

Be sure to visit www.superwhylive.com to sign up to receive the latest tour news and announcements and follow @superwhylive on Twitter. 

We can’t wait to see what the residents of Storybrook Village have in store for us!

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“Being patient is waiting happy.”

I have always considered myself to be a rather patient person. Slow traffic doesn’t bother me; i don’t get upset about waiting in line at the grocery store; it doesn’t bother me to be stuck behind a tractor on the highway. Waiting is something we all have to do, so why get upset about it? My 2 year-old on the other hand, doesn’t yet understand this concept, and it can make me a little crazy. When he wants a cup of juice, he wants me to drop what I’m doing (even if it’s making him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) and get the juice. He stands next to the sink in the kitchen, asking me 20 times in 30 seconds for apple juice.  He only stops when he sees me getting a cup out of the cabinet and pulling the juice from the refrigerator. No matter how many times I say, “I’m working on it,” or “Yes, just give Mommy a second,” he doesn’t believe me until he sees me doing it.

Last Sunday the pastor of our church gave a sermon on Genesis 16 and 17. God made a promise to Abram, but after waiting a while, he decided he better work on it himself. From that came the birth of Ishmael. In Genesis 17 God reassured Abram that he had not forgotten his promise, but God didn’t need Abram’s assistance in fulfilling it. The covenant would be fulfilled through Isaac, the son of God’s plan, not Ishmael, the son of Abram’s plan. Until God laid it out in front of him, step by step, he didn’t believe him.

Much like my 2 year-old.

And myself.

You see, I may be patient with everyday inconveniences, but the big stuff? Well, I’m realizing lately that’s a different story. On and off, for years now, I have prayed a similar prayer over and over, and over. I cringe to think that over the last 2 years I have sounded like my own 2 year-old to God. It makes me so very thankful for 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient…” I’m glad He can (and does) overlook my whining! He understands that while I hear Him saying, “I’ve got this. I said yes, now let me work on it,” just like Abram, and my son, I have a hard time believing it until I see the details laid out before me.

Now I have changed my prayer. There is no need for me to continue asking God for something He has promised me. Instead, I will thank God for His promise. I will pray that the details will all be worked out and that I will have the patience, wisdom, strength, and words to help my family deal with the waiting also.

This morning I decided to start Beth Moore’s Esther study again. I have done this study once before, but it has been on my mind for a week now, so I figured I better listen and go get it off the shelf. Sure enough, there in black and white, on page 14,”When we trust our lives to the hand and pen of an unseen but ever-present God, He will write our lives into His story and every last one of them will turn out to be a great read. With a grand ending. And not just in spite of those catastrophes. Often because of them.”

Patience isn’t just a matter of waiting. It’s remember God’s promises to us and waiting for His answer. His plans and timing are perfect, even if we can’t see all the details. Trust in Him. A good friend recently told me that she explains patience to her 3 year old daughter by saying, “Being patient is waiting happy.” I think that’s a good definition for a 3 year-old and a 25 year-old.

“Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

PS – As I was typing this my son finished his cup of milk and asked for a cup of juice. Twice. And took his diaper off. Twice. This is a lesson on patience in parenting too. 🙂

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Maybe bathing is a bad idea….

Moms with toddlers really shouldn’t bathe.

For some dumb reason I thought I would go take a shower this morning while the boys were watching a movie. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I did my usual routine of locking the baby gate and hoping the boys would be entertained long enough for me to wash my hair and the oldest wouldn’t climb over the gate. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

For the past several days I have been wondering if I was getting careless and forgetting to lock the refrigerator or if our 2 year old had figured it out. Well, today I got my answer. It came in the form of 2+ pounds of sugar emptied and smeared across the floor in my kitchen and thrown (yes, thrown) over the gate, into the floor of the living room.

Let me state again that mothers of toddlers shouldn’t bathe.


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Lincoln says….

Yesterday afternoon we took the boys to Harp’s to do some much needed grocery shopping. Our oldest apparently didn’t get a long enough nap and started whining as soon as we walked in the door. I told him that if he obeyed Mommy and Daddy, and walked with Daddy like a big boy (no running away!), he could have a sucker when we left. After several infractions, he lost out on his sucker opportunity and a package of Oreos he asked for. When we got to the car he remembered the sucker, and he asked about it on the way home. I told him he didn’t get a sucker because he didn’t listen to Mommy in the store. Poor little guy, he threw his hands up, gave a little exasperated sigh and said, “But I wisten to you aww day!”

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Chapter 12 {or whatever number it gets assigned}

The events of today will someday take up an entire chapter in  a book.

5:40 am Wake up, get dressed, change the boys’ diapers, pour sippy cups, pack car

6:30 Leave hotel

6:56 Realize the road I am on is icy and getting worse with each turn I make; Turn around

7:15 Stop for gas

7:25 Leave town a different way

8:45 Arrive home, feed animals, refill sippy cups, leave home

9:00 Arrive at church for moms’ group, finish dressing Brother, put socks and shoes on the boys, get their bags together

9:15 Drop the boys’ off at their classes, go back out to the car to get my bag and put on a little make up

9:20 Finally arrive at moms’ group, eat breakfast, listen to devotional, do some yoga, visit with some other mommies for a bit

11:30 Pick up the kiddos, put them in the car, pull the car up to the door, run in and grab the 2 tons of bags we brought in and other stuff I accumulated at the meeting….it starts snowing

11:45 Arrive at my parents house, realize the stuff I intended to drop off is still at my house, oldest son starts crying for his Pawpaw, call Pawpaw, he comes outside to see the boys for a minute. Oldest son stops crying.

11:55 Head toward our house. Oldest son starts crying again at the end of the block.

12:15 Arrive home, both boys asleep. Take them inside. Oldest wakes up, demanding food.

Then the rest of the day passed by in a blur of feedings, laundry, cartoons, mountains of toys, messes, work emails, spilled cheerios, fighting/screaming toddlers, falling snow and sleet, kissed boo-boos, random power outages, burned dinner, phone calls interrupted by the screaming/fighting toddlers, dishes, bubble baths, and lots of other stuff I don’t even remember right now.

Now that I read all that, I don’t know that today was that much different than every other day at our house. I sure am exhausted though. Good night.

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