There’s a Boy on the Loose!

Some days with my boys are pretty normal, uneventful, and almost mundane. We wake up, watch cartoons, eat breakfast, go the gym or run a few errands, home for lunch, and spend the rest of the day playing, napping, etc. Then, there are days that start out normal, but then a certain little boy turns into a wild monkey, bouncing from mess to mess, often before I can even get to the first mess with a broom or mop. Thursday was one of those days.

Aside from a few squabbles, the boys had been pretty good all morning. We made a quick trip to the post office after breakfast. When I put Stanton down for a nap, I decided to take a shower while Lincoln was watching cartoons. Well, I forgot to lock the baby gate to the kitchen.

That Tupperware box on the counter? It had 3 cookies in it when I got in the shower. Thankfully he was still holding two cookies, and had only bitten into one of them. The other was returned to the box.

Fast forward half an hour. Stanton was awake and ready for a snack. I strapped him into the high chair and was getting his food out of the fridge when I heard the baby gate to my bedroom rattle. I locked the fridge back and headed down the hall, but the damage was done before I got there. Walking into my bedroom I heard, “I feed kitty kitty.” Oh no.  This is what I found when I got to my bathroom. Imagine The Boy standing where those two little boot prints are. 🙂

He did feed the kitty though!

I ushered him out of my room, shut the door, and I took him with me to the kitchen to get the broom. While I was digging under the sink for my hand broom, he climbed back up on the blue box from the first picture, grabbed a salt shaker off the stove, pushed the stopper into it and proceeded to pour salt all over the stove and floor!

My Facebook status for the day:  “Day 10: I’m thankful God created me with a sense of humor. He knew I would need it!”

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