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7 of our FREE Fun Summer Activities – A Little Summer Recap

Hello!!! I’ve been pretty active on social media this summer, but I just realized it’s basically been crickets over here on the blog. I’m so sorry! But we’ve been busy having fun, so I can’t complain or apologize too much.

What have we been up to?

Well I’ll show ya.

1. We played outside.

That’s right, good ol’ backyard (or front yard in this case) fun. Bike riding, tire swinging, water hose spraying, just plain fun. And lots of it.

2. Vacation Bible School

I spent a week shuttling the kids to church every night for songs, Bible lessons, snacks, and water games. It was exhausting but so very worth it.

3. We adopted a new pet! our pet frog in a plastic toy car

Now, I know pets can be costly, but Captain Froggy was a freebie from our pond. 🙂

There was also a pet turtle, but he only stayed for a few hours before the kids returned him to his natural habitat.

4. We picnicked and splashed in the creek at the park.

baby feet in a creek

Unfortunately we didn’t get to do that nearly as much as I had hoped, but I did make sure it happened.

5. We had ice cream and popsicles by the pool.


6. We swam. 7-free-fun-summer-activities-img_6055

A lot. Rarely a day has passed that no one got in the pool.

7. We enjoyed some amazing sunsets.

beautiful southern sunset

That has been our summer in a nutshell. We’ve done a lot and nothing at the same time, and it’s been a full and fun summer. I’m actually mourning the end of this summer more than any other in the last several years. The cool thing – all those fun things were totally free.

I love to go and do fun stuff. I really love to travel. However, I’m very glad we made the decision to just hang out at home and have a low key Summer this year. Now we’re all refreshed and ready for our crazy fall season.

Moms and dads, do not worry if you don’t give your kids every experience or lots of big vacations. Those things are fun, but definitely not necessary for fun childhood memories.

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Setting Goals for our Screen Free Week

This week we started a new practice in our house. For a while now, our rule for screen time has been “only on the weekends.” Monday to Friday is for concentrating on schoolwork, homeschool co-ops, and housework. Now that summer is in full swing, we’re not spending as much time on bookwork. (yay!) However, during this break I wanted to encourage the kids to keep learning and finding things they enjoy learning about, SO I came up with a little challenge for them.

I asked each kid to pick a goal for themselves to work on this week. Some picked smaller goals, and some picked bigger goals. It’s been interesting to see which ones were really motivated, and which ones needed more encouragement. It has definitely provided some fun this week though!

I posted a video about it on YouTube, and I will share a new video next week, updating on how everyone did with their goals.


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What I’ve Been Up To

Things have definitely been busy around here since my last post. A little something I didn’t mention much around here is that I spent the last several months anxiously awaiting the arrival of a sweet baby boy.

 On December 18 we welcomed our 5th baby, our third son.


(How sweet is this picture? I die.)

He’s a month old, and we finally have had a day that wasn’t total chaos from the get-go! Today I’ve prepared 3 meals (Thank goodness for crockpots!), changed too many diapers to count, bathed 3 of the 5, one bathed himself, and one more bath to go after rest time! I took a shower too! That, my friends, makes me feel like a superhero. It may have something to do with the fact that I somehow consumed two cups of coffee before 10 a.m. while they were still hot warm. 🙂

The worst that has occurred, so far, has been a certain two littles coloring on the table. Oh well. I can handle that!

I’m sloooooowly working my way back into a routine that hopefully includes more blogging! Y’all, five kids is like having 3 kids all over again. Haha!


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The tragic death of Rosie Roomba

When you entered my life 6 months ago, I was excited, yet uncertain of you. I was sure I didn’t deserve you, but my husband insisted. I half-jokingly nicknamed you Rosie, just like the Jetson’s robot. I had no idea how much I would love you. Immediately, you made yourself right at home in our home, scurrying from one room to the next. We quickly became friends; you were such a great helper – always scooting through our rooms, cleaning our messes and allowing me to focus more time on other things. I am so grateful for all you did.

Then that fateful Tuesday evening arrived. It was a good day, a day like any other. I had busied myself in the kitchen to prepare a meal for my family, as you busied yourself cleaning up our afternoon mess. The children were helping by preparing their own cups of water. You were just going about your business, and she about hers. I promise it was an accident. She meant no harm. A drowning was certainly not on the agenda, but as she approached the table, you were leaving the table and that cup of water went right on your face. I think the world stopped for a few seconds. I tried to save you. I rushed for a towel. You were rushed to the kitchen and rested in dry rice. I even added more rice the next morning. We tried our best. Unfortunately, it was your time to leave us.

So I sadly say goodbye to my dear friend, Rosie the Roomba. You will be greatly missed.



dead roomba

RIP Rosie March 19, 2015 – September 15, 2015



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Our Summer so Far and A Look at our Summer Homeschool Plan

This summer I started out with a plan to do very little actual school lessons until the end of July or beginning of August. I was NOT interested in year-round schooling. However, we finished up our last school year in April, and after a few weeks of total freedom for my boys, I realized it was going to be a looooong summer with too many discipline issues if I didn’t come up with at least a little bit of structure. By mid-May we were back to doing school lessons about 3 days per week. (We also got the exciting news that baby number FIVE will be arriving late this year, so I figured I should at least attempt to get us a little ahead of schedule.) Then I busted out my planner, the library schedule, and every other local summer activity schedule i could find and put everything on the calendar with the intention of just picking a few here and there to do. We pretty much pushed formal lessons aside and filled our days with storytime and library craft days, fun presentations, museum trips with Nana & Pawpaw,swimming lessons, watermelon and sprinklers, and lots of other fun stuff that kept us pretty busy through June!
July started with a bang – VBS, almost two weeks of friends and family visiting and LOTS of fun!

vbs kidsIMG_1185

IMG_1271_2 IMG_1256

We celebrated the 4th of July with a big cookout at our house, and a few days later said sad goodbyes to our friends.

Since then, we’ve eased back into somewhat of a school schedule, though I have not made the leap of actually declaring our school year as beginning. I’m still enjoying the go-with-the-flow time. However, I am spending more and more time organizing our schedule and lesson plans for the coming season.

Currently we are doing some sort of formal lessons 2-3 days per week, usually a short handwriting lesson, some math, P.E., and a science experiment once per week. In the next few posts I’ll go over some of the fun activities and lessons I’ve included.

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just another day in paradise

I’ve seen this at least 50 times, and I love it no less.

My toddler ate all my gum this morning while I cooked breakfast to retaliate for me making her stop digging in the freezer and putting the ice cream back. (I know it was in retaliation because she proudly waltzed into the kitchen with the last half stick in her hand, opened her mouth wide, and said, “I eat all your gum,” with a very devious ‘what are you going to do about it’ grin.)

Then she colored on the walls with my orange highlighter I’ve been missing for a week.

And unrolled all the toilet paper.

I also found a plate of half-eaten food (and a lego man) in our stack of folded blankets tucked under the hall table.

And my husband just called to say he’s working late.

And I texted him this afternoon to say that I dozed off watching a science video with the boys today during our school lessons.

And our oldest has a 1 1/2 hour baseball practice this evening.

Unfortunately the nearest Starbucks is an hour away. Sonic will have to do.

I’m really glad God gave me a good sense of humor and pretty weather today.

And caffeine. 🙂


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Our new (old, really old) house

I had intended to save this post until we had internet at our new house, so I could include the pictures from the day we first looked at it. However, we’ve been here 5 weeks now and still haven’t found an internet provider. So, here we go… On Father’s Day we looked at this house for the first time. 20140907-151149.jpg


And fell completely in love. We put in our offer 2 days later and signed a contract on Saturday. We closed a little over a month later. This house is the perfect mix of my husband and I. It has the elegance and charm of a Victorian farmhouse and the ruggedness and history of a log cabin – because it is both. Originally built in 1901 as a dogtrot cabin, the house was put under one roof in the 1930s. As soon as we have internet service I’ll be sharing more pictures and some before and afters of the projects we’ve been working on so far. Here is a small recap of our activities this weekend – yard work!
little sister has taken some wonderful naps in the yard this weekend. 🙂








Today we planted two cherry trees to finish off the weekend. 🙂 20140907-161618.jpg

20140907-161552.jpg PS- You can also get a sneak peek over on Instagram. I’ve tagged some pics with #movingourzoo and #ourlovelylittlefarmhouse 🙂

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Tball Begins & a Call for Slow Cooker Recipes

Our schedule got a little more hectic in the last couple of weeks with the start of tball. Our two sons are playing on the same team, and last night was their first game!


Daddy has turned into an extra coach. With 3-5 year olds, it’s all hands on deck.

But with the extra time being taken up by games and practices, meal planning has become a bit more challenging. That’s where you come in. 🙂 I need more slow cooker recipes or easy prepare-ahead meals! Pinterest is full of ideas but I’d like to see what my readers love for ball game nights (or dance or gymnastics or piano or church – whatever your kiddos are involved in). Leave a comment with a link to a yummy and easy meal your family enjoys.

And here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy.



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T-Ball 2014

My little boys are super excited. Monday marked the day they had been waiting for and talking about for weeks – their very first t-ball practice.
It went surprisingly well, especially considering just a couple of days before Stanton wanted almost nothing to do with playing t-ball in our yard with his daddy. It was a different story on Monday though, and they were both excited to be there.





How did this happen?

I’m not sure what it is about t-ball that makes it seem so different, makes them seem so much older all of a sudden. Lincoln played soccer last Fall, but it wasn’t the same. Maybe it’s because they’re both playing? Or maybe it’s because  they’ve been practicing with their daddy in the front yard while I watched from the porch this past week. Either way, I feel like my boys really aren’t babies anymore.


IMG_5533IMG_5532   IMG_5536













I think it’s going to be just as much fun for their mama and daddy as it is for the boys. I had to laugh when I realized that my boys made up 1/4 of the team, and we looked like a traveling circus by the time we got to the field. 🙂

IMG_5527     IMG_5528














I think little sister is going to love spending the next few weeks at the ball fields. She sure didn’t have any complaints on Monday evening.
















PS – Sorry for the not-so-great pictures. It’s not easy nursing a baby and being a photographer at the same time. 🙂

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How I Removed Gum from our TV with Peanut Butter

Today I put peanut butter and bathroom cleaner on my plasma tv.

No, I haven’t lost my mind, though I almost did when I saw that my four year old had stretched his bubble gum across the screen of our 42-inch plasma television. Yes, this post is about bubble gum removal. I have no idea what the boy thought he was doing, but his reasoning was, “I was trying to have fun by myself.” How is this the same kid that was out of bed, dressed, and making his bed at 6:45 this morning? I have no idea. Nevertheless, bubble gum is not an easy thing to remove from any surface, much less that of a television screen.

After my attempts to pull off the larger pieces were only somewhat successful, I decided to consult my trusty friend Google.
I found this helpful article on

The article said I would need creamy peanut butter {check}, bathroom cleaner in a spray bottle {check}, and a clean microfiber cloth {check}.

That’s right. With a little creamy peanut butter, a spray bottle of bathroom cleaner, and microfiber cloth, you can remove smeared gum from a plasma tv screen. Some of the worst spots did require smearing the peanut butter in really good with the cloth prior to wipe off, and a few tiny spots had to be scratched off with my fingernail, but overall it was a pretty simple process. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I didn’t get a before picture, but here is a during and after of the process.


tv screen


television after gum was removed

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