Linelife 101: When will we learn?

It seems that every time Steven and I plan to leave town, a natural disaster or horrible storm occurs. A few times we have gotten lucky with his crew not being called out. Though more often than not we lose that battle. This weekend was no different. We had made plans to go to the river today, just the two of us because I have to work every other weekend this month. Well of course Arkansas got pounded by a huge thunderstorm, complete with straight line winds and tornadoes. Poor Steven didn’t even make it home on Friday. I was planning to go to Batesville to pick him up Friday evening, but before I could even get home he called and said they had been called out. This time he is in Russellville, Arkansas.

Maybe someday we’ll learn our lesson and start leaving town without actually making plans.


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2 Responses to Linelife 101: When will we learn?

  1. Amy Barrett

    Russellville is a great town! My Grandparents are from Dardanelle, just outside of Russellville. I love that part of the state!

  2. Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

    Yes, definitely do some "no plans" traveling because once your sweet little one comes you will NEVER do that again 🙂

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