Our Kitchen – the neverending work in progress

A few of my friends have requested that I post pictures of the work we are doing on the kitchen. Well, it is definitely a work in progress. I’m not sure it will ever end at this point.

Done so far:
painted the cabinets (Never again.)
replaced and refinished the ceiling (That was an experience!)
took out ancient lighting fixtures

In progress:
painting the walls
taking down old chair rail

To do:
paint trim
find new light fixtures
replace blinds
hang photos
get new door/drawar pulls
get new baby proof latches
get new baseboard for dining area

Wishlist: Well, more like the extended to-do list.
replace stove
replace flooring
replace counter tops
tile backsplash behind stove


It actually looks better in these pictures than it did in person.

In progress:

The raspberry color will only be under the cabinets in the kitchen area. Everything else will be gray, including the dining area.


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4 Responses to Our Kitchen – the neverending work in progress

  1. Courtney

    love the white cabinets- they really brighten the place up! Isn't it amazing what a few cans of paint will do to a place?? And congrats on the baby kicking… 🙂

  2. Ashley Dobson

    Looks good! So, painting cabinets isn't fun? I've been wanting to do something with ours–either paint them or re-stain them. But, I have been afraid of the work involved.

  3. Emily Ann

    No, not fun at ALL. It took a coat of primer and two coats of paint. By the third time painting everything, I was sick of it. Not to mention all the sanding, moving stuff around, taping, etc.

  4. Kim

    Wow! What a great transformation!

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