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Mr. Squeaky

This is Mr. Squeaky. He is Emerald’s favorite toy. He is also, somehow, the only toy that has survived her abuse. We have searched every pet aisle we come across for a toy that is Emerald-proof. So far, he is our only survivor, and guess what. He was bought when Emerald was less than 2 months old and cost a whopping 97 cents. We have spent as much as $5.00 on a dog toy, just for her to eat it in less than 10 minutes. I do mean “eat,” too. As in, she tears a hole in it, then picks it apart piece-by-piece and eats it. She sure does love Mr. Squeaky though.

Minnie Pearl uses Emerald’s love for Mr. Squeaky to her advantage. A few weeks ago, Emerald weaseled her way between me and Minnie in the bed. This irritated Minnie, so Ms. Minnie Pearl jumped off the bed, found Mr. Squeaky, squeaked him once to get Emerald’s attention and waited. Of course Emerald was quick to jump off the bed to steal her beloved Mr. Squeaky back from Minnie. This was exactly what Minnie was counting on. She jumped back up in her spot next to me while Emerald was distracted with chewing on Mr. Squeaky. Emerald never caught on. She isn’t always the brightest.

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What a book!

Today I ventured to Target to search for a baby shower gift. I was browsing the children books when I came across this book.

The front cover features a pull tab that makes the tail on the middle dog wag. How cute is that! Right? And this page was even cuter, with the “Wet dog-shake, shake, shake!”

Then I got to this page…

And yes, that lifted leg really is a pull tab piece, and that is a stream of yellow pee showing. I don’t think this is one that I would want to give as a gift. 🙂

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Is there anything they WON’T eat?

I just realized I’m rather behind on posting my photos…

A couple of weeks ago, Steven and I decided to buy the dogs some more toys (as if they don’t have enough). I saw a little squeakie hamburger and had to have it because years ago we had gotten one for my last cocker spaniel, Maggie and she loved it. I thought the girls would like it, too. We bought that and a squeakie pizza slice. Apparently toys in the shape of food are not a good idea for my dogs. They don’t know the difference.

Here is Emerald, proudly displaying her work. Notice the large hole in the end of the toy.

They were demolished in less than 10 minutes. They broke the pizza squeaker in less than two minutes, and then Emerald decided to eat the toy. When we realized she was actually eating it, in the trash it went. She moved on to the hamburger. The squeaker has been broken, but she has yet to eat it. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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They used to be…

Look how cute they both were! What happened? Well, they are both still cute…

My dogs used to both be so little, cute, and sweet.

Emerald is still little and cute, but she now has an attitude. She literally turned her nose up to a little girl in the vet’s office! I was so embarrassed. She is very sweet to me, but she has no interest in cuddling with anyone except me. She is incredibly jealous, too. Steven is not supposed to give me any attention when she is around. She doesn’t like to share her mommy.

Minnie is NOT little anymore. She’s actually rather large.
She is still sweet and loves everyone, but she is a terror. She eats anything and everything that she knows she shouldn’t. Electrical things and fabric things seem to be her favorites. If we forget to shut the bedroom door at night, you can guarantee that my kitchen rug will be wadded up at the foot of the bed in the morning. Thank goodness it was only $4.00 at Target.

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