30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 6

Day Six

I’m thankful my boys have each other.

Most people tell me I’m crazy for having them so close together (or assume it was an accident), but now, even more than ever before, I’m thankful I listened when God laid it on my heart to prepare for another baby. I am so glad I didn’t ignore that and follow the world’s opinion that we should wait a certain time before having more children. Born just 13 months and two weeks apart, I can not imagine our family with these boys not having one another.

This is why:









They are inseparable.
They love each other.
They learn from each other.

They fight. They push, shove, hit, kick, & scream – but at 6:30 this morning, a sleepy Stanton walked out of his bedroom, not looking for me or his daddy, instead saying, “Where my bwudder?”

Yesterday when Stanton wasn’t feeling good, Lincoln kept asking if he had fever and saying, “I’m sorry Stanton. It will be okay. We will take care of you.”

If one of them does something special by himself, he can’t wait to get back and tell his brother about it, or share whatever treat he picked up along the way. My boys share a special bond, and I love seeing it become stronger as they get older. Forts, late night giggles, fights, & shenanigans, these two are a team, and for that I am thankful.

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