30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 5

Day Five

I’m thankful for my Sylvia-Kate.

My word of the year last year was joy, and oh how she brought joy to our lives! Even before birth, she was teaching me so much about seeing the joy in life, even when it’s hard. One year ago today she arrived in a whirlwind, and she hasn’t slowed down.


We named her after her great-great grandmother, Sylvia.


She’s happy and silly, snugly and loving. She loves her brothers and our cat.

Her brothers love her too. šŸ™‚ They take good care of her.



She gets excited when she sees her best baby friend, Irie, who is less than two weeks younger than her. They’ve been chatting over coffee and bibles since they were both in the womb, and I pray their friendship continues that way. šŸ™‚

She’s pretty obsessed with her daddy.
He arrived home from a twelve hour drive, less than 24 hours before she entered the world. She’s been a daddy’s girl from the start and was waiting on him.


She wears hairbow a for me, even though she’s rather pull them out.


She loves baby dolls.


She can walk, and has taken several steps at a time on two or three occasions, but she’d rather crawl or bear crawl.

She says mama, dada, kitty, hey, bubba, nana, uh oh, and a few other words.

She only weighs about 18 pounds, and can still wear 3-6 month onesies if they have short sleeves. She’s our tiny, happy girl. We wouldn’t trade her for the world. I am so blessed that God chose me to be the mother of this little joyful soul. I pray she never loses that joy and continues to share it with others.

Happy birthday, Sylvia-Kate!!


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