My new toy!

I finally got it! I got a Cricut Expression! I have been wanting one of these forever, and begged for one for the last few months. Well, Saturday I finally got it! I went straight home and plugged it in. So far I have made some greeting cards, random punches for later use, and a few things to go on scrapbook pages that are in-progress. I love it!

Steven was playing xbox online and talking to a friend. I ran in there to show him one of my greeting card creations and was apparently a bit too giddy. I overheard him say, “Yeah…my wife. I bought her one of these Cricut machines things that does all these letters and design punches. She’s just beside herself.”

Steven actually thinks it’s pretty cool himself. He helped me play with it a bit. He also helped me think of some more stuff I plan to use it for this year.

Oh, and to my local friends that already have one of these…
So far, I have the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and the Home Decor cartridge.
I’m willing to share if you are. 🙂

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