I got flowers, and I didn’t get mad!

After work on Saturday (if you call playing with a cute baby and taking pictures work), I met Steven at our favorite restaurant for an early supper. He called me on the way there and told me to wait outside for him because he had found something for me in town that he wanted to give me before we ate. Honestly, I figured it was another Wii game or maybe he had gotten really ambitious and went to get the Cricut Expression early because he knew I planned on getting it that afternoon.

When he pulled up next to my car, he drug me out of the car and over to the SUV where he pulled up the tailgate to show me what was inside. Inside, I saw these!

Ok, now you are probably wondering why on Earth I would ever be mad about getting flowers. I’m not. HOWEVER, for the last year Steven has refused to buy me flowers. I do mean refused too. His reasoning? For the 2 years before that, maybe more, every single time he bought me flowers, I managed to get mad at him for something totally unrelated before he was able to give me the flowers! We finally broke the curse though. Steven said he decided to try a new approach this time — buying them and not talking to me again until he gave them to me. 🙂


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2 Responses to I got flowers, and I didn’t get mad!

  1. Courtney

    beautiful flowers!

  2. Victoria

    hahaha..that’s hilarious! the flowers are so pretty tho!

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