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Thirteen Thursday – BFF Memories

Thirteen Thursday with Lauren! Lauren and I have been best friends since the second grade, so picking just 13 memories was not easy. I went with thirteen that had the cutest pictures.


This was Lauren’s 8th birthday. We had known each other for about 10 months then. Check out the (not-so) awesome outfits! haha


This was third grade. I have absolutely no idea what we were doing, or why we put those goofy teddy bear stickers on this scrapbook page.


Winter 1997 – that would have been when we were in 5th grade? We built a huge snowman. We couldn’t even pick up the middle snowball. We had to have Lauren’s mom help us.


8th Grade – Our last year to go Trick or Treating


Florida 2002 – We were trying to surf in the pool. It didn’t work too well. 🙂


Two or three weeks after returning from Florida we headed to Galveston, Texas.
We made lots of memories on that trip. We spent our days on the beach and shopping, met a guy who snuck over from another hotel to use our pool, and were informed by another (rather intoxicated) hotel guest that there was a “giant rat” beside the hot tub.


Valentine’s Day 2004 – We both spent too much money on gifts for our boyfriends, so we decided to go ‘shopping’ in each other’s closets for an outfit to wear on our dates. This was the only good picture in the series. We were laughing too much through the other 8 or 10.


Junior Prom – 2004


Grand Opening Day at The Mall at Turtle Creek
We each had an hour break between classes and made a mad dash for the mall. We both managed to do some shopping and get back in time for our next class.


This is how we entertain ourselves at Bryan’s house – with a digital camera.


Our “Dinner Party” in our dorm room


My family bridal shower


My wedding!

Lauren was the BEST maid of honor EVER! She tried on some really hideous dresses, was helpful with the decorating (thank you!), didn’t complain, ignored my bridezilla moments, and was there on time with a smile. Oh, and she cried with me right after the ceremony because we’re mushy like that. :0) I love you, Lauren!

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