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H is for….

H is for….

Heather and I met in kindergarten when we were in the same class. We were supposed to have the same 1st grade teacher, but I had to move. Within a couple of years, we lost touch.

In junior high we ran into each other at a teen VBS night and freaked out when we saw each other. (Somehow I ended up sitting directly behind her. We both heard each other talking and turned to look at each other. It really was one of those ‘only-in-the-movies’ moments.) We were jumping up and down, hugging, and squealing. I’m pretty sure everyone around us thought we’d lost our minds. We started keeping in touch through e-mail, until about a year later when I started dating a guy she went to school with. We started hanging out at football and basketball games. Eventually I got rid of the guy and met Steven, and we finally started having our double dates we’d been swearing we’d do for a couple of years.

I love her for lots of reasons…

She’s probably the most outgoing person I know. She’s very smart, and very strong-willed. Do NOT tell her that politics and religion don’t mix. She will quickly tell you her position on both of those topics. She loves my husband. She is always laughing and smiling. She makes me laugh. Heather loves kitties as much as I do. She remembers random memories from our childhood just like I do. She didn’t say anything when I screwed up big time and tried to make the same mistake twice. She gave the most excited response I’ve ever heard of when I asked her to be my bridesmaid. (That really meant a lot to me girl!) She was there to stand beside me on my wedding day, even though it meant rearranging her finals schedule and driving all day from Alabama to arrive just in time to stay up all night helping me decorate. She also drug her boyfriend along so that he could help too. She never complained about my bridezilla moments at the rehearsal. In fact, I don’t think she heard them. She just kept right on talking to the other bridesmaids and groomsmen. 🙂 When she asks for your opinion, she actually wants it. She loves Salsa’s Grill just as much as I do. She always has to have her “soggy chip.” She shares my love of “shiny things” and anything wedding related.


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