Meet the Photographer {Courtney: life en plein air}

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been quite busy the last several weeks with this little lady.

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I’ve definitely slowed down my photography work over the last year or so, but in the last month I have been booking a few sessions here and there and even took pictures for my sons’ tee ball team. I miss being behind the camera! Being excited about my work, I decided I’d bring the fun to my blog too and introduce you to a few of my photography friends. 🙂 For the next few Mondays I’ll be featuring different photographers and showing a bit of their work.

Today we will start with my sweet friend Courtney from life en plein air. I have known this girl a long time, and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a talent she doesn’t have.


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Business Name:

life en plein air photography


Courtney Thornton

Web site/blog:

Where are you from?

Biloxi, Mississippi

What’s your favorite type of session (newborn, family, engagement, etc.)?

Ohhh that’s a tough one! Seniors are probably my favorite, especially senior girls. I love watching their confidence grow throughout the session. They are usually a little nervous and self conscious at first, but I always tell them they will be rocking it like Vogue models by the end, and it’s totally true! I also love photographing couples in love– I am a hopeless romantic.

Describe your photography style in three words.

This is also a tough one! I think what I aim for is timeless, yet unique, and personal.

Share a recent favorite photo you’ve taken.

lifeenpleinairphotography-Hayley-9 WEB


Who wouldn’t love photographing gorgeous eyes like this?

Any really crazy, memorable photo sessions?

Yes! I had one really adventurous couple with a crazy idea. At the end of their session, the guy suggested that we drive to the Beau Rivage (which is a very nice casino/hotel) and jump in their fountain! I’m honestly surprised we weren’t kicked out. It was crazy and they were freezing cold afterward, but it was really romantic. It was experience I know they will never forget.

What’s your current favorite prop?

I don’t really use props. I always encourage people to bring items that are important to them, and I love incorporating them into the session. But as far as actual “props” I very rarely use anything.

Aside from people, what’s your favorite subject to photograph?

The mountains. Unfortunately, I live too far away from them to do that very often! I also love photographing the flowers and herbs in my garden.

What music do you listen to while editing?

Lately it’s been Jon Foreman’s EP projects and Crowder’s new album “Neon Steeple.”

What advice would you give to someone about choosing a photographer?

As simple as it is, my advice is to choose someone whose images speak to you on an emotional level. If you choose the photographer who is right for you, you will treasure your photographs for a lifetime. We once used an amazing photographer in Montana whose style was totally “us.”  She truly captured who we were as a couple. Years later, those 18×24 prints are still hanging on our walls, and I love them just as much now as I did then.


Thanks to Courtney for participating and sharing her beautiful images with us! If you are in the Biloxi area and in need of a photographer, be sure to check her out. Check out her blog for more of her beautiful work!



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