The big comfy couch

We got our new furniture in! They delivered it on Friday. Wow, it makes a difference too. Our living room looks a LOT better. We are still planning to get an entertainment center, but we have yet to decide on which one. We also need an end table of some sort, and preferably inexpensive. I guess I’ll post pictures of our new stuff later. Honestly, right now I’m being lazy and have no desire to move my butt of my new couch just to take a picture of it. It’s that comfy. Sorry. You’ll have to wait. I’m sure you all really care what my couches look like anyway, right?

Hopefully Steven will get the kitchen and dining room painting wrapped up this week. Then he can put together my new dining room set. We decided to take a break from all the painting this weekend since Steven will be off work all next week. I figured he needed a weekend of nothing before going to work on the honey-do list. Oh yes, that’s right. He has not one, but two weeks off work! We’re pretty excited about that too. He’s hoping we get some warm, dry weather, so he can mow the yard. He’s missing his mower. And I must admit, our yard is missing that big green machine too. 🙁 It’s lookin’ kinda pathetic.

Anyway, I’m really hoping we can be productive in the next two weeks. We realized tonight that in May, we will have had this house 2 years, and we’re just now really getting things the way we want them. Maybe it will be finished eventually.

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