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Exploring Our Solar System with Rachel and the Treeschoolers (a review)

We love everything Two Little Hands around here, so when I got a chance to get a sneak peek at the new episode of Rachel and the Treeschoolers, Our Solar System, I was super excited! I knew my kids would be too. For sure.


With a new baby in the house, I figured it was the perfect time to pull out our new DVD. Learning, fun, and a few minutes of entertainment while mommy tends to the baby? Yes, please! And unlike most shows for children now, this series is highly educational, based on Ph.D researched curriculum. and actively engages the kids in learning with fun songs and ASL (American Sign Language). My 5 year old often talks of wanting to be an astronaut, so I was especially excited to watch the DVD with him. Once again, Rachel Coleman and her Treeschooler friends did not disappoint!

Episode 9, Our Solar System, revolves around “The Mystery of the Missing Moon.” Simon is very concerned when he sees the moon slowly disappearing! Is someone stealing the moon?  Rachel and the Treeschoolers work together to solve their mystery, and in the process they also learn about the sun, moon, stars, planets, and some scientists whose questions led to discoveries about our universe.

The first time we watched it, I was very impressed by all the vocabulary included. I was so excited about all the things it introduced to my little ones that I hadn’t even thought of teaching them right now. We’ve had some great discussions about gravity, phases of the moon, Milky Way and other galaxies and more. My favorite song in this episode, ABCs of Astronomy, is amazing. It is fun and an easy way of remembering some great foundational vocabulary of astronomy. We have a set of outer space flash cards my boys have been asking to get out. As we went through them one day last week, I was impressed with how much my five year old knew. Every time I asked how he knew something, he said he learned it from, “The Signing Time movie!” Also included in this episode, are more than 50 ASL signs. We’ve had a lot of fun practicing those! Anytime learning can be hands-on is a good thing! It really helps to sink things into the memory around here.

It was definitely another win for Rachel and the Treeschoolers with my bunch. A tv show that was called “just too educational for children’s television,” yet my children, and many others, love it. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of this series!

If you would like your own copy of this and/or any of the other fun episodes of Rachel and the Treeschoolers,head on over to their web site. While you’re there, be sure to request a fun activity guide to go along with whichever DVDs you purchase. These include crafts, games, printables, activity ideas, and more to bring the topics and discussions from the DVD right into your classroom (or to your dining room table for many of us homeschoolers:-) ).



*I was provided a copy of this product for review purposes. Of course, all opinions are strictly my own. 🙂


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Summer School Science – videos, experiments, and sign language

A few days ago I posted about my love of the Signing Time program (and the free video they have available).  As if that wasn’t enough reasons to love it, today I’m going to tell you about another reason! Rachel and the Treeschoolers series – This is a science DVD series for grades PreK-3, though my 2 year old enjoys it just as much as the 4 & 5 year old. (The song about thunder and lightning has helped calm a few storm fears in our house too!) The DVDs are educational and fun AND incorporate ASL!

This summer they have upped their game even more. For those that subscribe to their promotional e-mails, they have created an email series called Summer of Science. Each week, I receive an email with a short video clip from one of the Treeschoolers videos and an activity or experiment idea to go along with the topic of the video.

For week one, we watched the video about lightning and discussed the experiment but didn’t get a chance to try it out due to a week of rainy weather. (How appropriate!) Week two was a success though! The song in the video was about how clouds form, and we reviewed some of the ASL signs that go along with weather. Then we all had fun with the experiment – making a cloud in a jar!

Here are a few pictures. Note I did NOT clean off the table. Homeschooling is not neat and tidy around here. I can’t even pretend it is.

Supplies needed:
Hairspray (aerosol can)
Large jar with a lid*
Hot/Boiling water
Ice cubes

experiment supplies

Fill the jar 1/3 full of very hot/boiling water
Spray the hairspray into the jar and replace the lid quickly
Put several ice cubes on top
Watch your cloud form!
IMG_1534_2 IMG_1536_2



One question from the activity printout was, “What do you think would happen if the lid was removed?” (Or something like that. I’m too lazy to go look. :-p ) So, we removed the lid to see!

This experiment was definitely a win. It was easy and hassle free, but also very interesting!

For the accompanying videos and more activities, head over to SigningTime.com or CLICK HERE to sign up for their emails!

*This article contains affiliate links. Purchasing through the link will not affect your pricing, but it will bless and benefit our family.*

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