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5 months

Wee Man is 5 months old now! Every single day his personality shines through a bit more. He certainly is a happy baby!
He’ll have teeth pretty soon – at least we hope! This teething stuff is no fun.
He’s getting better with tummy time, but it’s still not his favorite.
He likes rice cereal, but he could do without the barley cereal.
He likes it when Daddy lets him lick ice cream off his finger when Mommy isn’t looking.
He loves playing in his jumperoo, laughing at Daddy, listening to stories, and going to Nana & Pawpaw’s house.
He LOVES animals. Horses, donkeys, and dogs are his favorites. He’s pretty fond of his bunny rabbit, Philippe though.

Here are a couple of pictures from our 5 month photo session.


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Thirteen Thursday

I’ve been pretty lazy with my blogging lately. Actually, I’ve been pretty lazy overall, but that’s another story. In an attempt to actually accomplish something tonight, here is a 13 Thursday list of random pictures form my computer.

1. This is why Steven has no room to sleep when he comes home. All week long, Minnie has believed this was her spot, and then she’s expected to give it up?

2. Roush should be a model. He loves to have his picture taken. It’s a very strange thing for a cat to enjoy.

3. Roush also likes to sleep in very cute positions.

4. Occasionally, I can no longer stand throwing a nasty, slimy dog toy. Mr. Squeaky got a bath recently.

5. Steven’s latest toy:

6. I bet your grandma didn’t get vodka for Christmas! haha, ok it’s hairspray for her to use at work…and I think that box came from the beauty supply store. Why would they have a vodka box?

7. Christmas or a birthday party? Both actually. My cousin, Casey, was born on Christmas day of 1987 – 9 months and 6 days after me.

8. Sometimes on long trips, my husband does scary stuff to make me laugh.

9. Steven rarely finds a book interesting enough to read.
Emerald rarely chooses to sit in his lap.

10. He sure is cute when he sleeps, but I’m rarely awake before him.

11. Every family needs a sweet little cocker spaniel.

12. I love this picture. Taken about a month ago at 10 a.m. using available light.

13. This is my favorite picture of Biscuit of all time.


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I just have to share…

I’ve been looking through the pictures I took last weekend, and have finally posted some on my photography blog. Here is one, but go HERE, to my other blog to see the rest! My sister-in-law has an adorable family. 🙂

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Back in June…

we celebrated Joslyn’s birthday. Haha, I’m a little late.

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Thirteen Thursday is BACK!

I just realized that I have not done a 13 Thursday list since the beginning of June! Ooops. Thursdays are just usually a busy day for me. I’m always running last minute errands and doing last minute housework before Steven comes home, so we won’t have to do it on the weekend.

Because I have a few hours before he gets home, I’ll do another photo post. Here are 13 random pictures from my computer.

1. May 7, 2006 – me and Hanna

2. March 2007 – Hanna enjoying some chocolate cake for her first birthday

3. My mother on her wedding day. This is probably my favorite photo ever.

4. Laren and me- December 30, 2005 at the rehearsal dinner for Whitney and Adam’s wedding.

5. Emerald, Biscuit, and Roush were napping together. Roush woke up and was trying to snuggle with Biscuit. 🙂

6. Jill looks really scary when she yawns.

7. Awww! Look at the cute little me when I was 2!

8. Roush napping with Minnie Pearl. I can’t believe how small she was then!

9. The Mr. and Mrs. on the ferris wheel at the NEA District Fair

10. One of the tractors on my grandma’s farm.

11. Steven showing off at a pool party last summer.

12. He was dressed up, so I had to take a picture.

13. November 2007 – My good friend Ashley and her dad, on her wedding day.

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13 Thursday

Today I’m posting 13 photos that I love. This is mainly because I’m too lazy to come up with something to actually list. I took all but two of these.

1. A panda at the Memphis Zoo. He was tired from playing.

2. The view of the sunset from my favorite place on Earth, the cliffs at our campsite, just as I always see it- through the lenses of my sunglasses.

3. Yoda and a little chicken are just too cute to leave out.

4. I didn’t take this one; Tim Rand did. It will always be one of my favorite photos.

5. The Barrett Girls.

6. Hanna hanging out in my kitchen, enjoying bananas.

7. Emerald, trying to get Roush to play with her and her toy.

8. Trinket

9-12. Steven, Emma, and Eva Grace. These pictures make me smile.

13. My sister and I. Obviously this is the other one I didn’t take.

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Wedding Pictures

Here are a few more photos from our wedding. Some are professional, some aren’t.

L-R: Johanna, Lauren, Ashley, Jessica, Heather, Whitney, Allison, Jennica, me, Steven, Scotty, Lloyd, Michael, Gene, Josh, Dustin, Zach

Our First Dance – One of my favorites

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Our First Pro Photos!

Last night, our photographer (Tim Rand) e-mailed me three of our photos! Now I can’t wait to see the rest!

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