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Photo-A-Day Challenge

I love doing photo-a-day challenges on Instagram. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s a list of categories for each day of a month. Participants take a photo each day for the designated category and usually tag it with a common hashtag to share and see the posts of other participants.) I’m terrible at keeping up though, and I usually drop out somewhere around day 15. This time is different though. I’m determined. There’s a prize at stake! My friend Emily over at Highlines and Hairbows has teamed up with LinkJunk.com and put together a photo-a-day challenge to giveaway a giftcard to TWO lucky winners in July. If you want to join in be sure to check out the details at Highlines and Hairbows.


photo-a-day challenge

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3 months of Being Sylvia-Kate



Because we didn’t find out our baby’s gender during my pregnancy, we didn’t know who she was until she arrived. She was just Baby. Now she’s been Sylvia-Kate for three months!

How did that happen? She’s growing too fast!


At her 2 month check up, she was already 25 inches long (above 97th percentile!), and I know she’s grown more in the last 4 weeks.
Now she’s rolling side to side and tummy to back, laughing a little, teething, “talking” up a storm, and smiley as ever! She loves to play with her toys and watch her silly brothers.

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2 months

Lincoln is 2 months old!
He is:

    11 lbs.
    23 inches long
    constantly “talking”
    LOVES playing with his daddy.
    His favorite game is “running baby.”

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The Lip

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