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Photo-A-Day Challenge

I love doing photo-a-day challenges on Instagram. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s a list of categories for each day of a month. Participants take a photo each day for the designated category and usually tag it with a common hashtag to share and see the posts of other participants.) I’m terrible at keeping up though, and I usually drop out somewhere around day 15. This time is different though. I’m determined. There’s a prize at stake! My friend Emily over at Highlines and Hairbows has teamed up with LinkJunk.com and put together a photo-a-day challenge to giveaway a giftcard to TWO lucky winners in July. If you want to join in be sure to check out the details at Highlines and Hairbows.


photo-a-day challenge

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Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge: Red

Sarah, one of the lovely mommies in the Moms of Jonesboro group with me, also blogs over at East9thStreet, where she is co-hosting a weekly photo challenge. This week’s color is red.  Obviously I didn’t take this picture specifically for the challenge, but cut me some slack. We’ve had the stomach bug at our house this week, and I’ve been working. This was one of my favorite pictures from our Christmas session. My two year-old has developed his daddy’s attitude toward mommy taking too many pictures.


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