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Getting back to {a new} normal


This makes the second {or maybe third?} week in a row I’ve been able to take at least one naptime for me time. {happy dance}

I had honestly forgotten what it was like to sit with the windows open and read or write, enjoying a few minutes of quiet while all my wee ones napped snored and drooled. Three under three provided some new challenges for me, not to mention moving! With my first two being less than 14 months apart, it took me nearly 6 months to get any kind of routine down. I remember telling a friend when I went back to work, “I feel like I’m running backwards!” Working from home added to the chaos a bit too. There did finally come a day though, when I could get them out of the house in the morning, back home for naps, and cook a meal or two. Then I got pregnant again. 🙂 I tried to mentally prep myself this time, reminding myself how it took 6 months to find a new normal the first time. Then we found out we would be moving with a newborn! Moving with three small kids is no small feat.

This time though, I was pleasantly surprised when that day came, and I had the house mostly picked up by2:30, the kids were sleeping, and supper was cooking in the Crockpot, and my little SK was only three months old! Really, there’s something magical about our third baby. She’s laid back {Well, when she isn’t demanding someone hold her.} and happy-go-lucky. She balances out the craziness of her brothers and is a bit easier on mommy than they were/are. I like to think I’m getting a bit better at organization/time management with each kid, but that’s probably not true. Dang it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still two boxes in my kitchen that need to be unpacked, and one that needs to be put in storage, but for the most part we are finally done with that daunting task.


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