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FREE Signing Time Video

This morning I came across a GREAT deal in my inbox. If you are not familiar with Signing Time, I strongly encourage you to check them out right now. I was first introduced to Signing Time 5 years ago when my oldest was just a wee little guy. I had briefly heard about it from another mom, but I was made a fan when I came across their board books and DVDs at our local library. They provide a fun, hands on way for kids to learn while also teaching them ASL (American Sign Language)! He and I both quickly fell in love with the series, and since then all my other kids have enjoyed it just as much. We also use their Rachel and the Treeschoolers videos (for ages PK-3) in our homeschool curriculum. 🙂

And today you can get a FREE video download of Signing Time Welcome to School! This fun video teaches signs and songs about going to school and all the fun things that go along with a school day. It introduces 30+ signs!
All you have to do is CLICK HERE. That will take you to the Signing Time web site where you can enter your email address to have the download link e-mailed to you. It’s really that simple.

Even better, is that if this video is shared with 500,00 new families by October 1, a second free video will be released!


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