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Arkansas Women Bloggers

Arkansas Women Bloggers

I started blogging for a fun little hobby. I missed writing, and blogging gave me the opportunity to do that again. Now it’s even more fun because I have lots of blogging friends to enjoy it with! Just like most hobbies, it’s more fun when you have others to enjoy the activity with. You may have noticed a new button on the right side of my blog for the Arkansas Women Bloggers. If not, go check it out (or just click the one above). I recently joined a talented group of women working to gather, grow, and connect women bloggers across the Natural State. Networking is an essential part of connecting and growing for a blogger, but it can be difficult to find local bloggers to connect with, especially in a rural state such as Arkansas. That’s why I was so excited when Sarah, who happens to be the ringleader of my local moms group, mentioned this great group on her blog, East 9th Street.

If you’re a woman blogger in the great state of Arkansas, you should definitely go check out the page. And while your at it, fill out the registration form (http://arkansaswomenbloggers.com/join-us/) to join us!


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