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ABC Jesus Loves Me: Week 2

This post is a bit late. During week 2, everyone in our house was sick at some point, so it took a bit longer to get through the material. We made it, but I didn’t take as many pictures.

Creation Book Pages





Blue Kool-Aid 🙂

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ABC Jesus Loves Me – Week 1

This week marked the beginning of our pre-school homeschooling journey. We are using ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum for 2 year-olds, and so far it has been great. All of the worksheets are available on their web site for free, and the crafts use basic household and craft supplies. It’s also easy to break up into the day, which is great for my son. Sitting still is not his strong point. Even so, he has enjoyed the stories, crafts, and songs.

Here are a few pictures from our 1st week….

The first two pages of the Creation Book

Coffee Filter Earth

This project was modified. We didn’t have any of the regular, circular filters.

Circle foods: raisins, crinkle cut carrots, hot dog circles, crackers

I had a lot of fun tying in our lessons at mealtime. I also served most meals on round plates and used lots of foods and drinks that coordinated with the lessons. Week one was pretty easy because the lessons included circles and the color red.

Here are some red/circle food ideas:

Pizza (with red sauce, pepperonis, jalapeno pepper slices, olives, etc.)
tomato slices
red Kool-Aid
crinkle cut carrots
Ritz crackers
hot dog slices
banana slices
cucumber slices
sausage patties
Lunchables (the ones with circle crackers, meat, and cheese)

We also added an extra craft, using the heart coloring sheet as a template for making some Valentines for a few friends and family members. I can’t post pictures of those yet though. 🙂

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