Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy ALL Year with Bookroo!

It’s no secret that we love books around here.

There’s at least one book on every flat surface in our house. However, after I’ve read the same books 4,700 times, I’m ready to add a new one into rotation, and some of my kids are too.

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This month, Bookroo saved me there. New books – without having to search through the internet and 100 reviews or having to chase a toddler through the library while simultaneously scanning books to approve them for my 8 and 6 year olds and telling the 5 year old she cannot check out the Dora dvd AGAIN? Yes please!

Boxes of books showed up at my door, wrapped in pretty paper (Every book is gift wrapped. Yes, I’m serious. How sweet is that?), and ready to be enjoyed. The best part? They now offer subscribers three reading levels to pick from! Board books for our youngest book lovers, picture books for the whole family to enjoy, and now (in beta testing) junior boxes with chapter books for ages 7-10! The junior box seriously made my 8 year old’s day. He’s an avid reader and I struggle to keep up with him. Bless him, that sweet boy has been re-reading every chapter book in our house over and over for the last two months because I just was not up to a library trip with a toddler and a newborn. The junior boxes would also be great for family read aloud books. (Don’t be afraid to introduce chapter books to younger, non-reader kids!) That’s exciting to this homeschool mom.

It never gets old seeing him devour a new book. I was happy with the books selected for this box too. I’m a bit picky on the books I allow, and these both seem to be age- appropriate and well written, which seem to be a bit harder to find a lot of these days.

My girls were no less thrilled than their older brother about getting new books (and how sweet are they in those matching Christmas jammies?).

With a new baby in the house, there’s been plenty of time for snuggling on the couch to read stories the last several weeks, and the two included in this month’s Bookroo box were great additions to our collection of storybooks. With every box I’ve seen from Bookroo, I’ve been very impressed by the books selected. Each one has been fun to read (not dragging on forever, leaving me trying to skip pages lol) with great illustrations.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the board book box. I have a weakness for board books, and oh my, these are precious.

I expected my little guy to love them, but his older sisters were just as excited about the books we received in the board books box. I had multiple requests to read Our Love Grows right away. We read it three times in a row. 🙂

If you want to make sure the kids you love have fun books under the tree (and in the mailbox each month!), there’s still time! Order by Monday, Dec 18 for delivery by Christmas!

Prices range from $15.99-$24.99 and plan options include monthly, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. Junior boxes are available on a 2 month subscription plan.

Check out Bookroo.com for more information.

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