Our Summer so Far and A Look at our Summer Homeschool Plan

This summer I started out with a plan to do very little actual school lessons until the end of July or beginning of August. I was NOT interested in year-round schooling. However, we finished up our last school year in April, and after a few weeks of total freedom for my boys, I realized it was going to be a looooong summer with too many discipline issues if I didn’t come up with at least a little bit of structure. By mid-May we were back to doing school lessons about 3 days per week. (We also got the exciting news that baby number FIVE will be arriving late this year, so I figured I should at least attempt to get us a little ahead of schedule.) Then I busted out my planner, the library schedule, and every other local summer activity schedule i could find and put everything on the calendar with the intention of just picking a few here and there to do. We pretty much pushed formal lessons aside and filled our days with storytime and library craft days, fun presentations, museum trips with Nana & Pawpaw,swimming lessons, watermelon and sprinklers, and lots of other fun stuff that kept us pretty busy through June!
July started with a bang – VBS, almost two weeks of friends and family visiting and LOTS of fun!

vbs kidsIMG_1185

IMG_1271_2 IMG_1256

We celebrated the 4th of July with a big cookout at our house, and a few days later said sad goodbyes to our friends.

Since then, we’ve eased back into somewhat of a school schedule, though I have not made the leap of actually declaring our school year as beginning. I’m still enjoying the go-with-the-flow time. However, I am spending more and more time organizing our schedule and lesson plans for the coming season.

Currently we are doing some sort of formal lessons 2-3 days per week, usually a short handwriting lesson, some math, P.E., and a science experiment once per week. In the next few posts I’ll go over some of the fun activities and lessons I’ve included.

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