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If you’re using Twitter, you are probably familiar with the #FollowFriday tweets. If you’re not, it’s a way of sharing with your own followers all the fun people you enjoy following on Twitter. (PS – Follow me on Twitter 🙂 ) Today, I will be doing a blog version of that and introducing you to a sweet friend who is also a fellow blogger and linewife.


I first connected with Emily (I love making new friends with other Emilys.) through a Facebook group for linewives. We soon realized we had a lot in common, other than the obvious name thing and both being from Arkansas. Now I guess the rest is history, and our husbands just laugh at us for texting each other too much. She’s new to blogging, but has lots of great stuff to share! Her family takes a different approach to the linelife and travels as a family to wherever the lines lead. That’s obviously not an option for us now, so I enjoy living vicariously through her adventures. 🙂

Over at her blog Highlines and Hairbows, Emily shares more about life on the road, traveling with 2 (soon to be 3!) littles, yummy recipes (You will be surprised what awesomeness she can cook up in a microwave, crockpot, or single skillet.), and homeschooling a preschooler on the road!

Go check out her blog, and leave her a little welcome note. 🙂

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