This Door

This door…21 years ago I walked through this door for the first time.


Behind this door I laughed with my sister, had sleepovers with friends, blew out birthday candles, learned to pray, learned to play piano, welcomed the Holy Spirit into my heart, took pictures before proms and Valentine’s Day dates, decorated Christmas trees and assembled snow villages with my mom, sang bluegrass and praise songs with my dad, said hello to new years, and said goodbye to the best dog ever.

Behind this door I said “yes” to a man on one knee, rocked babies, cried out to God, praised God, told my husband goodbye week after week and learned what it meant to be a linewife. I laughed at the antics of my boys, wiped away tears, swept and vacuumed away sugar and baby powder for years, and on a rainy November day, welcomed our baby girl into the world.

Ten and a half years ago, I stood in front of this door, getting a goodnight kiss after a first date, from the man I later married. Saturday I walked out this door for the last time. I asked my husband to shut this door because I couldn’t, and he kissed me there one more time.

Today I handed the keys to the new owners, less than two weeks into their journey as Mr. & Mrs., with tears on my face. I hope they make just as sweet of memories behind this door.


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  1. HeatherL

    So beautiful, Emily. *hug*

  2. I know the tears of leaving a home that you love. Just praying that the new family will love it as much as you and that they will make lifelong memories of their own. It feels like giving away a part of yourself!

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