A little more gratitude

Well, it’s December. The last thing I posted was Day 19 of my 30 days of thankfulness. Can we say fail? I didn’t even get finished with all the posts I had scheduled on my calendar to write. Sometimes I overestimate my abilities to be Supermom. There’s lots I’m thankful for, but this year I learned my lesson, and next year I’ll stick to posting tidbits on Instagram and Facebook. 🙂 To make up for it though, I’ll share a little list here because honestly, today I need the reminder.

1. A baby girl that will take a nap (even though she isn’t right now of course lol)
2. Necklaces of cheap plastic beads and wooden charms, made just for me by my oldest son3. Kicks from the sweet little one growing inside me
4. Itunes radio 80’s & 90’s country music channel
5. One important phone call I had to make today was actually short, sweet, and accomplished all that was needed!
6. Naptime
7. A husband that thinks I’m pretty and tells me so
8. A computer with an Internet connection
9. Forgotten candy bars don’t melt in my purse in the winter.
10. A rare decent snapshot of me and one of my kids

me and baby girl

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