30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3

Day Three

I am thankful for all the ways my kids made me laugh today. I needed it.i can’t remember them all, but I will share a few.

Sylvia-Kate climbed on top of a surround sound speaker and stood up holding onto the entertainment center, and she was mighty proud of herself. Then she cried because she couldn’t get down.

Lincoln put on Steven’s hat sideways and his sunglasses and sang a rock song about Ninja Turtles.

Lincoln informed me that Subway’s cooking was better than mine.

Stanton nonchalantly says random funny stuff all day long. Asked him if he will pick up a dropped cracker and give it to his brother, “No,” and walks out of the room. (Hint: Don’t give him an option. Just tell him what to do.)

Stanton came to me holding his nose saying, “Change me! Change me!” (Daddy told him to go to the bathroom and change his own pull up. Haha!)

And Lincoln started the day wanting to take silly selfies with me.



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