Gonna take a walk outside today….

Gonna take a walk outside today! Gonna see what we can find today!

The boys watched Milo & Otis this afternoon while I was cooking supper, and I’ve had that song stuck in my head ever since.  (Later found out my sister had been singing it all afternoon too, 35 miles away. We’re awesome like that.) Anyway…the boys and I ventured out for a walk to the library after lunch today.
Please excuse the mess in this picture (and the blurriness *hangs head in shame*). Cleaning, cooking, and two toddlers dragging stuff out of every room into the kitchen made for a big disastrous mess.

I promise I put two matching shoes on this boy. That wasn’t good enough for him though. Just like everything else in life, he had to run off and put his own spin on it. It made me laugh, but I also saw it as a true picture of who my second son is. God created this silly little boy to have fun and make people laugh everywhere he goes, even if it’s just by wearing two different shoes.


We have the cutest little library just a couple of blocks from our house. I really need to take my real camera and take some pictures on our next visit. Being in a small town, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find walls filled with lots of recent titles and brand new books. It will definitely be a frequent stop for us from now on.

When we got to the library, Lincoln seemed to have a sixth sense about where the kids’ books were and quickly found one and sat down to look at it while I helped Bubbi pick some books.


It’s amazing what a mature little boy he is becoming. He sat there looking at that book until his brother had books too. Then Lincoln picked out a couple more and we were ready to go check out with mommy’s new library card.


In unrelated news, Sissy has been rolling around for a few weeks, but she’s really picking up speed now. See her little jeans in the bottom corner? That’s where she was lying when I got up to go grab the baby wipes to change her diaper. Sigh. Too fast, too fast.


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