Is there anything he can’t do? and Monday Funday

For a while now, The Boy has been pushing chairs, benches, and anything else he can find, around to stand on and reach whatever it is he wants.
Last night, he pushed the piano bench over to play with the living room light switch. I didn’t think much of it, and I went on down the hall to change Brother’s diaper.
Well, after I got the boys in bed for the night, I plopped down on the couch to watch some tv, and I caught myself reaching for a blanket. Something wasn’t right. It’s never cold in our house. I hopped up to check the thermostat – 65! No wonder I was cold! Apparently The Boy had decided the thermostat buttons were more fun than the light switch.

And because all blog posts are better with pictures, this is where I found The Boy this morning…

And no day is complete without a good pink bowl hat.

On Monday, I decided to have a no-work fun day with the boys. We spent the morning at the gym, where they played in the daycare, came home for lunch and naps, and then headed to the playground at Joe Mac Campbell park. Of course we stopped at Sonic on the way to pick up a snack. 🙂

Lincoln headed straight for the biggest slide there, and slid down all by himself!


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