Our Stubborn Child

Some of you may remember this post about my stubborn son. He hasn’t changed.

Yesterday was the day we had been wating for – the 3D/4D ultrasound! Our appointment was for 11, and we arrived at the clinic at about 10:50. Our appointment started right on time, but we had a small issue. Lincoln wasn’t interested in participating. In fact, he was asleep with his head turned away from us. We spent a long time poking and prodding my belly, hoping to wake him up. I even had Steven get out my phone and play some music for him since he has been known to enjoy “dancing” to some music. No luck. He refused to cut his nap short for us. We even threatened, begged, and bribed. Nothing was working. (Not even the promise of a pony!) Then the tech went and got the buzzer used for the non-stress tests. It is supposed to make an annoying noise that causes the baby to jump. Still no luck. He’d move a bit, but just enough to get comfortable again. He refused to turn his face to us.

Finally, at about 11:45, the tech asked us if we wanted to take a break, grab something to eat (preferably something sweet for me), and return in an hour. She said maybe eating something sweet would wake him up. I was getting pretty hungry by this point, so we decided it couldn’t hurt to try.

We made our way across town to Burger King for lunch and a milkshake and returned to the clinic in time to start our appointment back up at 12:45. For another half-hour we poked and prodded. We were all three getting discouraged at this point, and I was afraid the tech was going to give up. I’m glad she didn’t though. Finally, at about 1:15, he decided to start waking up. He turned over, yawned a lot, and made faces for us! Finally!

A few more things we have learned about our little boy:

He weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz.

He’s a sound sleeper. I think it’s because he’s used to me playing loud music in the house, the dogs barking all the time, and the cat stepping all over my stomach. Let’s hope this trait continues.

Yesterday morning I was trying to wake up Steven. I commented that I hoped our son would wake up like him because it’s cute. He’s a bit pouty and makes funny faces and then suddenly he’s jumping out of bed and on the go. Well what do ya know? Lincoln does the same thing! Too cute! Lincoln woke up the exact same way Steven does – he made some cute faces and took a bit to wake up, and just when we thought he wasn’t going to actually wake up, he was suddenly wide awake and moving all over the place.

He also looks just like his daddy when he sleeps. Yesterday afternoon we were both exhausted and came home for a nap before I had to go to work. When I woke up, Steven had his head on my shoulder with his chin squished down and and a groggy pouty face going on. I cracked up because all I could see was Lincoln’s little face from the first picture above staring back at me from Steven’s face. What a blessing!


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  1. MyRunningJourney

    So cute! Love the faces. He looks so sweet. 🙂 Sweet guy = ladies man!! Uh oh!!! 🙂

  2. Ashley Dobson

    Very sweet pictures!! I love seeing Ella doing something just like her Daddy!! And, I'm sure the Daddy's do too!!

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