My favorite things

I was recently tagged by my friend Bev over @ Running along with my husband and dog to participate in this fun little blog game.

Here are the rules:

1. Mention and link back to the person who tagged you.
2. List 6 little things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 other bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

6 of My Favorite Things

1. My hottie of a husband, who also happens to know how to operate a vacuum and cook a mean egg sandwich (You’re jealous, I know.)

2. Feeling flips, flops, and kicks from the little guy to whom these belong

3. My animals. I have to cheat and put all three of these as one.
Our adorable yet spoiled (and dare I say a bit deceiving?), cocker spaniel Emerald

Our lovable red heeler Minnie Pearl who has an odd habit of sitting like this and watching television. I think it’s a bit sad/odd that she watches more tv than either of the people in this house.

My fat kitty, Roush and his crazy ways.
Notice the little stream of water in the bottom right corner of this pic. He pretty much refuses to drink water that isn’t fresh, as in currently running. He also has no problems with being wet. Very strange cat…

4. Looking out my kitchen window to see this

5. Sno cones. I’m pretty fond of those red shoes too. 🙂

6. Funyuns!
(And my adorable husband who brought back this full size bag when I requested some -expecting a snack size bag- at a gas station on a recent trip out of town.)

I’m tagging:

1. Courtney @Adventures in Travel Nursing

2. Jamie @The Life of Molly and Sarah

3. Andrea @Wright where we want to be!

4. Shaila @The Creekmore Four

5. Kim @Newlywoodwards

6. Becky @Our Sweet Peas


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2 Responses to My favorite things

  1. Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

    Love the shoes and the pic out of your window is AWESOME! Thanks for tagging me. I will probably sit down and do this when the boys take a nap 😉

  2. Kim

    I cannot believe that is your view from you window. Color me jealous. Thanks for the tagola.

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