Not me Monday! Ooohh, Jingle bells! Jingle bells…

Well, MckMama hasn’t posted a Not Me Monday lately, as her littlest one has been battling his heart problems again. He’s a fighter though, and according to her most recent posts, he is currently doing much better! Yaaaay God! So, in honor of Stellen’s great news, I’m posting a Not Me Monday.

Christmas has NOT been on my mind lately.

Maybe I went in Hobby Lobby several weeks ago and saw the Christmas merchandise already out? No, I didn’t do that. I do not get extremely giddy every time I walk into Hobby Lobby and see all the wonderful Christmas decorations out. Please note, if you see a redheaded girl wondering around Hobby Lobby with glazed-over eyes, giggling, clapping, and quietly squealing with delight – that’s NOT me. Might be my sister. Or maybe my friend Courtney? 🙂

Then I went into Target last week to get some photos developed and overheard a lady mentioning they had toys on clearance and she was stocking up for Christmas. I did NOT think that was a brilliant idea.

Then over lunch on Sunday, my husband decided to poke fun at me for my love of all things Christmas – including music- because he came home on Friday and caught me listening to it. It must be inherited because my dad rolled his eyes and pointed a finger at my mother, declaring that he had recently gotten into her SUV to discover Christmas cd’s in the cd player. Oh wait, none of that happened either.

This morning, when trying to decide which topic to blog about, my love of Christmas did NOT enter my mind. I was NOT getting ready to post about the awesome deals I got at Target last week. Then, I saw THIS post by my friend Kim, over at The Newlywoodwards.

Oh, and my iTunes did not just randomly pull a Christmas song out of the depths of my song list.

So, even if I were to think about Christmas in July and August, it would not be my fault. Everyone else is doing it. I don’t have to worry abou that though. I love Christmas, but I can restrain from thinking about it, even when everyone else is thinking about and talking about Christmas.

So now I’m NOT dreaming about these little guys.

Nor am I excited to see how cute they look in my newly painted kitchen.

And this on my front door…

Or this in my living room.

No, I’m not obsessed with Christmas at all. Not looking forward to the cooler weather, the lights, the parades, or the thousands of times I’ll hear Jingle Bell Rock.

But since we’re on the subject of Christmas, I’d like to say that Christmas will be even more exciting with a little one around this year. Also, having a baby in November has it’s perks. We get to put up Christmas decorations early! Usually my husband refuses to help with any kind of Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. Ok, who am I kidding? He doesn’t help with them after Thanksgiving either, except for unloading them out of storage. If I want anything up before then, I have to dig it out of storage myself. This year, however, we have a baby due to arrive the week of Thanksgiving. That means, my tree will be going up at the beginning of November! Woohoo! And this pregnant chick WILL get outdoor Christmas lights this year. We already have them, but a pregnancy-induced hissy fit may be needed to actually get them put up. I hope not though.

Did you know there are 143 day until Christmas! But whose counting? I’m not!


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5 Responses to Not me Monday! Ooohh, Jingle bells! Jingle bells…

  1. Creekmore's

    You had me cracking up. And you're right, this year will be so much fun! Christmas with a new baby in the house is just the best thing ever! Samuel was only 6 weeks and Tyler was about 2 1/2 months. So fun!

  2. Kim

    lol… this post is hilarious. I'm happy that Christmas fever is going around.And, I'm thrilled you get to decorate early for Chrsitmas. And, you'll have a great gift this Christmas. =)

  3. Theron's Mom

    Did you know T-Mac has been singing Jingle Bells since last Christmas? It cracks me up when he does it in stores and people sing along!

  4. Ashley Dobson

    Ooh, I love this time of year too!! And, LOVE it when Hobby Lobby starts putting their Christmas decorations out in June. Oh, and I keep my Christmas CDs in the car just in case I have an urge to hear Christmas music.

  5. MyRunningJourney

    I can't believe I was never subscribed to your blog!! After all these years! :-)Jan. 2 makes me so sad, because it's time to take Christmas decor down, but seriously, the day after Thanksgiving is perhaps my FAVORITE day of the year. Black Friday shopping + setting up Christmas decor = heaven!!

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