I plan to use a lot of cloth.

Cloth diapers that is.
I’m betting you are having one of three reactions now.
1.) “What? Is she nuts? Who would do that to themselves?”
2.) “That’s a great idea!”
3.) “Oh.” – Surprisingly, this was the reaction of my grandma.

First, cloth diapering is nothing like what it was 20+ years ago. Now, you can certainly still purchase the basic prefolds and plastic covers. However, there are lots more options now available.
Honestly, the options can be quite overwhelming. Actually, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the choices. I have currently purchased some prefolds and am searching for good covers or wraps. I am also trying to decide which of the hundreds of other types of diapers I want to use. Cloth diapering can be as simple and cost effective or plush and extravagant as you choose to make it.

When I mention my cloth-diapering intentions, the most commonly asked questions is….


Well, many choose to go the cloth diaper route because it is said to be more “green.” This isn’t my motive though. Sorry, but I’m not the “be green or the earth is going to fall apart” kind of gal. However, have I mentioned how much I detest taking out the garbage?

Reason #1, less taking out the garbage. I truly hate it. I have to wash my hands immediately after touching our outdoor trash can. I’m convinced it is one giant disease sitting in my garage. I would much rather do more laundry than take out more garbage. Also, I have to admit that I am horrible about remembering to set the trashcan out by the road for pick-up. Two-weeks worth of stinky diapers sitting in a trash can in hot garage in July? No thanks.

Reason #2, less Wal-Mart. I hate going to Wal-Mart. I will eat cereal three meals in a row to avoid it. Not tom ention, this would save me money because I tend, like so many others, to buy a lot of unnecessary items with each trip to Wal-Mart, also consider the gas it takes to get there.

Reason #3, disposable diapers are expensive. Too expensive, in my opinion, to let my child poop on them and throw them away.

Reason #4, less diaper rash = happier baby. Most moms I have talked to report less diaper rash after switching to cloth diapers from disposable diapers. Happier baby = happier mommy.

Reason #5, saving money. Not only will cloth diapers cost less than disposables for 2+ years, you’ll also save money on trash bags (again, less garbage), gas for last minute trips to Wal-Mart, and lotions and creams (again, less diaper rash).

Reason #6, long-term savings. Cloth diapers are reusable (obviously). This means they can be used with multiple children. Not having anymore kids? Sell them! Ebay has lots of cloth diaper listings. There are also plenty of FSOT (for sale or trade) boards to be found on mommy and parenting forums.

Reason #7, they are so darn cute!

Another question cloth-diapering moms often get…

Isn’t it inconvenient?

Well, that depends on your definition of convenient and your situation.

On vacations – probably so, unless you vacation where you have cheap access to a washer and dryer.
Out running errands – not really. Dirty cloth diapers can easily be dropped into a “wet bag” – a special bag inside the diaper bag, lined with water proof material – or even a Ziploc freezer bag until you return home.

At home – not really. The process of removing and changing the diaper is pretty much the same as that with a disposable. The only difference is solid waste is dumped into the toilet and you put the dirty diaper in a pail to be washed later instead of in a trash can or diaper genie.

Another downside, your newborn may not fit into all of those cute newborn size onesies and pants due to the extra “stuffing” in the diaper. However, onesie extenders can also be used to correct this with most onesies.

For Steven and I, the pros outweigh the cons. Cloth diapers it is for our family, with the occasional use of disposables.


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  1. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Good for you….although, you hate taking trash out MORE than cleaning a diaper full of poop in the toilet??

  2. Emily Ann

    Yes, I do. Isn't that sad? I think I have issues.

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