Getting ready for baby

We have officially started working on the nursery.

Over the last couple of weeks I emptied the guest bedroom and closet, dusted, and vacuumed. This was not an easy task. It also involved emptying and reorganizing the living room closet, reorganizing some things in our bedroom, cleaning out Steven’s closet, several trips to Abilities Unlimited (and another pile waiting in our kitchen), and piling LOTS of stuff into my craft room. We’ll worry about that later.

Steven is home for the rest of the week, so he took advantage of his spare time this week and started on his part of the nursery work. The carpet and trim have now been removed! We will be going Friday afternoon to pick out paint and will be getting the new flooring sometime this weekend. Hopefully we’ll make a decision on paint colors, technique, etc. today. Hopefully.

Minnie Pearl and Emerald were very curious about what Daddy was doing and what was making so much noise.

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