Our Zoo Date!

Last week Steven was lucky enough to get off work a couple of days early after working storm duty in Russellville. I picked him up in Batesville on Wednesday. On the way home he announced that he had already made plans for us for Thursday – a trip to the zoo! We hadn’t had a date in forever, so I was pretty darn excited.

We had planned to get up early on Thursday and leave the house by 8, so that we could hopefully get to Memphis, enjoy the zoo, and leave before the hottest part of the day. That didn’t happen.

But wait. Wasn’t it almost 100 degrees on Thursday?
Yes. Yes it was. I believe the high was actually 95. When we left the zoo and got in the car, we heard on the radio that the heat index was 107. That hadn’t stopped us though! We love the zoo.

I think our favorite exhibit was the new Birds & Bees exhibit. It is awesome! It’s pretty much a big, caged garden with LOTS of birds flying around. They let you get right up next to them. One of them even flew by Steven and hit his stomach with its wings! It’s a seasonal exhibit though – only there until Labor Day – so go see it!

We got sno cones too!

One of the red pandas was on the ground! They are usually 100 feet up in a tree and really hard to see. Isn’t he cute?

The polar bears are also a favorite of ours. We love to see the polar bear feeding. They were very playful that day.

The sea lion show was also fun. They had a good time showing off their tricks and talents.

Sleepy kitty 🙂

The elephants were feeling the heat, too. They were enjoying spraying themselves with water.

Yep, we love the zoo.


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5 Responses to Our Zoo Date!

  1. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Oh, we love the zoo. It is our favorite place to go….well other than Grandma and Meme's house. I am sure when peanut is old enough you will have to get season passes!

  2. Carrie

    Looks like fun! I love the red pandas. And that cute sleepy kitty…can you imagine running into one of those in the wild? Do you see why I get nervous to hike alone in Colorado? 🙂

  3. Emily Ann

    Carrie, I would die of a heart attack on the spot!

  4. Heather

    Love the polar bear. I love the zoo too. I think we are going to the Nashville Zoo when we are off next week.I would die too if I came across a kitty in the wild.

  5. Megan A.

    Haha. I swear, every time we go to the zoo, that cat is there sleeping. I don't think it ever leaves that ledge.

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