Pregnancy Brain

It’s not a myth. It really exists.

According to, “Pregnancy brain is a condition that affects expectant mothers, usually during the first and third trimesters. Sometimes known as placenta brain or baby brain drain, the condition is usually characterized by short-term memory loss or forgetfulness.”

A recent Australian study also confirms it.

The above photo I found on a blog (, and portrays exactly how I feel lately.

I’m just now getting into the second trimester and pregnancy brain is really hitting me. Steven needs to revoke my cooking privileges. Last weekend, I made muffins for us to eat in the car on the way to his eye doctor appointment. When we returned home, we found that I had left the oven on. Thankfully nothing was on fire.

This morning I decided to try muffins again. For some reason it took longer than usual for them to bake. When I took them out and turned the oven off, I realized I had cooked them on the preheat setting!

Gee whiz. I’m losing it.


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5 Responses to Pregnancy Brain

  1. Courtney

    Just think of it as nine months of blonde moments. 🙂 I do things like that all the time, without pregnancy as an excuse! lol. I blame mine on the splenda… causes forgetfulness. 🙂 Love ya girl. You are SO cute with your little baby bump! Wish I was in town so we could hang out.

  2. Stephanie

    my sister had pregnancy brain bad… i think she STILL has pregnancy brain, even though kaylin’s already 2 months old!

  3. Creekmore's

    While it does improve after the baby comes, it will never be normal again. And the more kids you have, I think the worse it gets. So just get use to it. 🙂

  4. Randi House

    oh yeah it’s real…it is worse for me during the last trimester than it was in the beginning. I can’t remember ANYTHING! In the beginning I think I was just too tired to think. Now I have no braincells or something!

  5. Heather

    I am not even pregnant yet and I have this. Maybe that means I will be smart when I am pregnant if I already have it before 🙂

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