Going on a treasure hunt

Over the past week or two I’ve been on a cleaning mission. I’ve been de-cluttering our house. I’m nowhere near finished and I’ve already filled our big trashcan outside multiple times and have a gigantic donation pile (i.e. my entire kitchen is buried). In the past, I have been a horrible pack rat. No more. I am incredibly sick of all this clutter, and am throwing away everything in sight that I don’t believe would be a useful donation.

While cleaning out the craft room, guest room and closets I have found a lot of interesting things. I have also learned some things about my husband.

  • He is just as bad of a pack rat as I am. He just hides it better.
  • I discovered my husband has a collection of hard hats.
  • He also has a lot of repair books for cars he no longer owns or has never owned.

Here are a few of the more interesting things I found in the craft room.

  • Teen and Teen People magazines from 1998 and 1999
  • enough Hanson posters and magazines to qualify me as a stalker
  • Disney World ticket stubs from 1991 (Price on those? $33 each)
  • enough loose leaf paper, binders, and folder dividers to supply a small school in Africa for a year or two

Then when I got to cleaning out the guest room and its closet I found some really sweet things too. Like these….

I know our little Peanut is going to enjoy these puzzles as much as I did. I’m surprised they even survived. I remember playing with these over and over and over.

I also found these….

These sweet little dresses were mine and my sister’s. If Peanut is a boy, I guess these will go into the back of my closet to wait for myself or my sister to have a little girl.


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  1. littletoesandcheerios

    Such cute dresses! Fun getting ready for a baby isn’t it?!

  2. Courtney


  3. Ashley Dobson

    That looks like fun (finding the treasures, not the work of cleaning out your house).

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