WIll you have a different color eye?

Last Thursday we made an early morning drive to Memphis for Steven’s surgery.

For those of you that don’t know, he got a cold sore on the inside of his cornea almost four years ago. This caused severe scarring in his right eye that was uncorrectable. Before the surgery, his vision was 20/400 in his right eye.

Thursday they were able to perform a partial corneal transplant!

We got there at 11, and they didn’t take him back until about 1:30. They didn’t start the surgery until about 2:10, but then he was back in the room with us by 3:30! When he got back, he was in a surprisingly good mood. We still aren’t sure why because they didn’t put him to sleep for the surgery. The nurses were pretty surprised by his mood too. They said patients usually aren’t like that after that type of surgery. He’s an oddball though. Apparently he was telling the doctor corny jokes throughout the surgery. πŸ™‚

We have since been back to Memphis twice for follow up appointments, and he has another appointment, with his Jonesboro doctor, scheduled for a few weeks from now. Today he was able to read two or three lines of the eye chart from his right eye! That is a major improvement. Before the surgery, he could only read the big E. Also, when the doctor looked at it today, it looked so good he had to call in several others in the clinic to look at it and show off his work!
He still has a bunch of stitches in his eye, and they will probably be there for at least another month, but we’ve been pretty encouraged by the results so far.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone at the hospital.

My pirate. πŸ™‚

SO happy it’s over!

I made the mistake of wearing shorts that day, and it was cold in the hospital. I used Steven’s shirt as a skirt while he was in surgery. πŸ™‚

And as for the title…that’s been one of the most common questions he was asked before the surgery! haha (For the record, the answer is no. The cornea has nothing to do with the color of your eye.)

Weirdest question since the surgery: “Do you see dead people?”

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