It’s what we do.

This was taken at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere on a chilly December Monday morning on our honeymoon. There was ice on the rope. I wanted to cross it, but he insisted on going first to help me across. Steven took one step onto the ropes and fell flat on his rear. I, being the sweet wife I am, laughed. He did too.

Are there moments in your life that are forever etched in your mind? I don’t mean big moments like when you got engaged or when you gave birth to your first child. I mean smaller moments. Moments that will make you smile 50 years from now, even though when it happened it seemed small and unimportant.

This is a picture of one of those moments for me. It reminds me of what my husband and I do best together. Laugh. For a long time, I felt strange when people would ask us, “What do you do together?” I always felt a little embarrassed that we didn’t have a joint hobby that we do together regularly. I’m not too interested in playing COD4 on Xbox Live, and he isn’t too interested in scrapbooking or watching Desperate Housewives. Now don’t get me wrong, we take our annual trips to the zoo together, go to car shows, play a mean game of Uno or Scrabble, and do other little things together here and there. However, none of those are things that we do together on a regular schedule. Of course, with Steven’s work schedule, “regular” isn’t really in our vocabulary.

Anyway, I worried that we weren’t normal and that our marriage was doomed because we weren’t enrolled in dance or cooking classes together and didn’t share a love for something like Star Wars movies (although, strangely, we do both appreciate romantic comedies starring Ashton Kutcher). Then I thought about my parent’s though. When they were newlyweds, they took a compatibility test. The person giving them the assessment told them they really weren’t sure how my parents made it past the dating and engagement to end up married to one another. They’ve been married nearly 30 years.

Then I realized there is something my husband and I have in common with my parents. It’s something we do together. It’s something my husband and I do together everyday, whether we are in the same house or hundreds of miles apart. We laugh. Sometimes it’s just a giggle or two, and sometimes it’s a side-splitting, tears pouring down cheeks, me screaming for him to stop whatever he’s doing that is so funny, need to run to the bathroom laugh. Sometimes it’s even over those romantic comedies starring Ashton Kutcher that I mentioned earlier. Either way, it’s what we do together. Although, my mother might say that arguing holds a close second place. 🙂

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  1. littletoesandcheerios

    That’s great. My husband and I don’t have a hobby together either, but we have always had fun goofing off! Enjoy these years of your marriage.

  2. Muthering Heights

    What a sweet post! My husband and I dpn’t really have time for a joint hobby either…

  3. Norse, Jesica, and Boden

    The little moments make every day worthwhile and I can’t think of a better activity than laughing! Great post!

  4. Ashley Dobson

    I love this post…very sweet! Those little moments are the best.

  5. Marcy - The Glamorous Life!

    This is a perfect FRO post!It are these photos. Photos that capture and freeze a moment in time that are so important.My husband and I have no common hobby or interest. We laugh. We like our kids. We like to laugh at our kids….We are going on 12 years.Thanks for coming to the Fro party today. Watch out for Mr. Linky- he has a real thing for newlywed brides….

  6. Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind

    That sounds great to me! I think that laughter so much more important than having a hobby. It means that you truly enjoy life together. Can’t beat that.

  7. Valarie Lea

    Thats great! I have felt the same way too, but one of the things I found that my husband and I do together is love each other and our children. Thats a pretty good thing to do together.

  8. Aunt LoLo

    What a great story!!

  9. Stacy

    I love this post… you need to have a pic of you two laughing together and scrapbook it using this post as your journaling. It’s wonderful!

  10. The Mrs.

    I know exactly what you mean—i think different works! 🙂

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