I hate buying laundry detergent.

It’s true. I absolutely hate it. I hate the fact that I am paying someone else between $14 and $16 each time – so that I can wash my own clothes. Yes, I realize that’s pretty cheap when you think about the per load price, but it still irritates me. At $14 a box, I think that should include someone else to do the folding/ironing. 🙂

For a while now, I have been following this genius lady over at The Grocery Cart Challenge. While my money-saving abilities are nowhere near her level, I do try. You may remember a while back, when I posted about making my own fabric softener. That was another of her genius ideas. That worked really well, and I plan to do it again soon. The only reason I haven’t made another batch is that I happened across a bottle stashed in the back of my cabinet that I had somehow forgotten.

Anyway, back to my original point-

Last week I decided to try a new grocery store to avoid some impulse spending at Wal-Mart. (I have a weakness for craft supplies.) While I was surprised by a few good deals (bananas for $.69/lb), I was annoyed when my normal laundry detergent brand was not carried in the bigger boxes. I was even more annoyed to discover that the smaller boxes were sold out and on sale! After checking out and examining my receipt, I realized that $52 worth of groceries would have been less than $38 without the laundry detergent! I never win with laundry detergent. Oh, and did I mention that yesterday I found a brand I have been wanting to try (but couldn’t find at Wal-Mart) on sale for $4.99/48 load box at the pharmacy! I’m telling ya, the laundry people are spying on me and laughing hysterically…

This lead me to have a discussion with Steven over the weekend. I found it a bit humorous.

Me: I hate buying laundry detergent.
Steven: Why?
Me: It’s so stinkin’ expensive. It drives me crazy. This may sound crazy, but I think I’m going to start making my own.
Steven: You can do that?
Me: Well, yeah…the factories figured out how to make it somehow. Besides, Google knows everything.

I guess he just figured the recipe came to Mr. Tide in a dream? haha, who knows.

Ok, I’m rambling again. I say all of this to say that as soon as I use up the two small boxes in my laundry room right now, I’m making my own. I have not decided which recipe I’ll go with yet, but I’ll post it when I make a decision.


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  1. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Me too, I hate buying laundry detergent. That and paper towels….for something so disposable….it is crazy how much we pay for them!

  2. Victoria

    Me and Ben use the free clear stuff..it’s in a white bottle! we get the big bottles of it too! it does suck that we pay so much for something like that! it would be awesome to be able to make some!

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