Starting the year off with a THUD

Last night Steven and I headed to Paragould to have dinner with some friends. After that, we went to a get together at another friends house to ring in the new year with some Rock Band. The evening was pretty uneventful until we headed home.

The house we were at had some steep front steps, no outside light on, and no handrail. Steven stepped back inside for a second, and the genius that I am decided I could manuever the steps alone…in heels.

It was so dark, I misjudged the distance of the next to last step, and then I was on my rear at the bottom of the steps.

I did a lovely job of twisting my left ankle. Check out my “man foot” as Steven calls it.

No worries though, my favorite shoes survived without a scratch!

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  1. Victoria

    awww 🙁 bless your heart! twisting ankles sucks!!!! hope u get to feelin better!blogger has backgrounds now! OMG they are the cutest thing ever..go look at my blog and there is something at the top left to click on so u can find u a background 🙂

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