I have competition…

No, the Xbox 360 isn’t interferring with our marriage…John is.

John Deere, that is.

I’m kidding. Promise. Steven got another toy Saturday morning, and he is a bit in love with it though. He couldn’t wait to run home and try it out.

He mowed our yard in less than 2 hours! Considering we have almost 2 acres to mow, and most of the pasture was almost knee high, that’s pretty awesome. He’s so proud of (and in love with) his new mower! I’ve got to say that I’m pretty excited about it, too. Today, for the first time in forever, I grabbed the water bowl for our outside dogs, (Note the plural dogs. That’s another post.) and filled their bowl with the hose in the back yard. It felt so good to walk through the back yard without worry about stepping on an unseen snake! I even drove the new mower myself, and it’s pretty fun! It’s like a big go-cart that mows the yard. 🙂

I think my husband is a bit spoiled. I sure hope he keeps this weekend in mind when he goes to buy my anniversary and Christmas gifts.

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