I’m so proud!

Today, Emerald got her hair cut. She cried for a bit when I dropped her off, so I was a bit concerned. She is usually a major drama queen and very naughty for Weslynn, our groomer. Not today, though! She got 4 paws on her report card! Weslynn said, “She was a bit nervous about having her feet combed and trimmed, but she didn’t act up or anything.” I’m so proud of her! This is a huge improvement. She usually only gets two paws on her report card.


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4 Responses to I’m so proud!

  1. Kim & Ryan

    She is such a pretty little thing. Go Emerald Go!

  2. Stephanie

    omg hooowwww cute

  3. Heather

    Yea Emerald. She is so cute!!

  4. MyRunningJourney

    Aww so cute and pretty! 🙂

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