If you came to our house…

I got this from Joslyn.

If you came to our house,

You’d see . . . 6 vehicles, lots of construction and home improvement stuff, and more than likely some pet hair.
We’d feed you . . . Fox’s Pizza.
You’d drink . . . sweet tea, water, fruit juice, milk, Kool Aid, or that random can of beer that may or may not be too old to drink.
T-Mac would ask if you’d read . . . well if it is T-Mac asking, probably one of the car magazines or guitar magazines. 🙂
If our guest is looking for something to read, you’d find…home decor magazines, graphic design magazines, Nicholas Sparks books, or a random assortment of books from the library.
Play music . . . probably country or blue grass.
Tell you the latest about . . . our never ending home improvement projects.
Suggest a game of . . . Wii Sports, Mario or Guitar Hero
Show off . . . my clean and organized craft room or the freshly painted bathroom!
If it was a long visit, we’d watch . . . CSI dvds, Friends dvds, or whatever happens to be on ABC at the moment.

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