When Boy Met Girl…

So, Danna started it, and I’m keeping it going.

How we met:

I don’t remember the very first time I saw Steven. I do remember the first time I noticed him though. (I’ve never told him this before.) I was in the 9th grade, and I was taking Desktop Publishing from the yearbook advisor. She asked me to go get a signature from one of the seniors (a friend of Steven’s) that happened to be in the same class as him. He was one of the few guys in the room, and I thought he was cute. He was also a Senior, so I didn’t think much of it.

I did have Algebra with his sister in the 8th grade, and we were also in choir together in high school. He claims he knew who I was in high school, but I guess he doesn’t remember the first time he saw me either. Why would he though? I was four years behind him.

We were first introduced in September 26, 2003 in Trumann, at a football game. (We later discovered that we almost met two weeks before at the Highland game.) He was living in Batesville at the time, but had come to Jonesboro to spend the weekend with his friends from high school, one of which I had been “talking” to until earlier that week.

Of course my girlfriends and I ran into his group of friends, and they introduced me to him. Before we had formally known each other 10 minutes, Steven had me laughing. He told me,” I’m going to be a masseuse so I can legally see women naked.” What a winner! haha Thankfully, he was joking. I thought he was cute though, and told myself, “I’m going to have him.” I even shoved one of my friends out of the way as we climbed up the bleachers so that I could sit by him. Then I looked over, and he had the sleeves of his blue, button up shirt rolled up…those arms! I was done for. lol

I was a bit discouraged when he didn’t ask for my number that night, but I had one of my older girlfriends, who had known Steven a while, call him with my number. He still wasn’t sure, and was a bit afraid of how my parents would react, so finally I called him. We talked on the phone several times that week and met up at the football game at Westside the next weekend. When he asked me if I wanted to go grab some dinner after the game, I made him go with me to ask my dad. For some odd reason my dad said I could go, so we went to Taco Bell in “the boat.” Steven had a maroon, Oldsmobile Delta Ninety-Eight! Oh he loved that car!

Anyway, the next weekend we made it “official” and I think it was the weekend after that, that he took me to Batesville to meet some of his family.

Two months later, on Steven’s 20th birthday, he moved to Jonesboro to be closer to me.

Three years later, on March 4th, we got engaged at my house.

Nine months later we were married on Steven’s 24th birthday!

Fall 2003 – The first picture of us together

March 2004

March 4, 2007 – Right after getting engaged!

April 2007 – Engagement photo

December 14, 2007 – Wedding photo

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  1. Amy Barrett

    I really love this wedding picture of you and Steven. Your photographer did a great job of getting some great “non-traditional” photos. I also enjoyed reading your story!

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