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I have been slacking on the alphabet posts lately, and for that I am sorry. I will continue though.

is for…

Funny Stuff!

I guess I have a bad habit of speaking without thinking. I often make comments or ask questions that Steven so kindly refers to as, “Those Redhead Questions.” Thankfully, I learned at an early age that it really is okay to laugh at myself and not take everything so serious. Here is the most recent example of one of my “moments.”

Last Sunday, we were making the long trip from Goodman, Missouri to Longview, Texas. At one point, I looked up (from whatever other world my mind was in) and realized Steven was driving in the left lane, passing a car to the right of us. Then I notice that he is not getting back into the right lane and start to panic a little! So I opened my mouth and asked a simple question while trying not to let him know I was panicking, “Um, babe? Why are you driving in the wrong lane?” He turned very slowly to look at me and gave me his crazy eye look that always means I’ve asked another one of “Those Questions.” He just stared at me for a few seconds. (I now believe he was wondering, ‘Why on Earth does my wife keep having these thoughts?’) At that moment, I realized he wasn’t really in the wrong lane at all. We were on the interstate! There just happened to be a large grove of trees blocking my view of the two lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction!

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