10 Things Tuesday…on Wednesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I admit, I completely forgot yesterday. oops

Ten Things I’m Thankful For:

1. I got to spend time with my bff, Lauren yesterday, and we are probably going to hang out this afternoon too.

2. I have received three random, unexpected gifts in the last two weeks.

3. I have VERY sweet and thoughtful friends. See #2.

4. My roof will be finished by this weekend.

5. I have VERY loving and generous parents. I love them.

6. God answers my prayers. He gives me specific answers. He shows me which way in life I am supposed to go, and He gives me the confidence to follow His directions.

7. Minnie Pearl slept out of her crate last night and didn’t potty in the floor or chew anything up! I am so proud of her! I didn’t mean for her to sleep out of it, either. We were watching TV in bed, and I fell asleep without putting her in the crate.

8. My parents have agreed to keep our dogs next week while we are out of town. I am very thankful for their willingness to help, even after my dog has eaten Mom’s recipe box and a hole in their wall. Of course, this time she will be crated. 😉

9. My friends, Nikki & Jason and their son Carter. They are such a sweet, fun, Christian family. And did I mention talented? It has been such a great joy to sing with them every Sunday. I love visiting with them, too. There is always plenty to talk about, and their little Carter is such a smart, sweet little boy. I think I might just be as excited as Nikki every time he learns something new. I can’t believe he will soon be 2! (Nikki, I really need to get some pictures of him playing his new version of peek-a-boo! haha, It’s too cute!)

10. All my girlfriends from high school. I am still so amazed that I have such wonderful friends. We have all been friends since elementary school, and three years into college, we all still make a point to get together as a group at least twice a year to have a girls’ night. Two of us married, two engaged, one finishing nursing school, one headed to dental school, all so different lives and living spread out across the state, but we still make time for each other. I love you girls!

After-prom Party 2005
(Please mentally airbrush out all of the guys except Steven from this picture, haha.)

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  1. CartersMom

    Thank you for the compliments! We think Carter is pretty great, too, and I expect lots of cute pics from the week that you are going to stay with him!

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