The things you find…

It is amazing the things I find when I start organizing. I am in the process of cleaning and organizing my craft room. Due to the wedding and all the school projects I had last semester, I managed to turn the room into total chaos. As I’m going through the boxes and drawers, I’ve come across a lot of things I forgot about/have been looking for forever/didn’t even know I owned.

My bridal picture cds – I’ve been looking for these for a couple of months now. They had fallen and gotten pushed under one of my 3-drawer organizers.

A tablet of bristol board – I have since bought at least one more tablet because I couldn’t find that one.

1 can of Krylon “Make it Acid Free” – I have been looking for this for over 6 months. (That’s pretty pathetic.) I refused to buy another can because I knew it was somewhere in my craft room.

a pony coloring book – This is one of those things I forgot I owned, but I’m pretty excited about finding it! (Yes, I still like to color.)

a pair of tweezers – Who knows?

a 1 GB USB drive – This I lost during my Spring semester of 2007, and I have since bought and lost two more. Again, that’s pathetic.

I’m sure more discoveries are to come.

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